If you have more than one kid or kid at heart in the home, than you will be excited about Laser Battle Hunters!  Since I have two young boys around the same age; I always need to buy things in pairs. Luckily this toy is sold in a two-pack of RC vehicles!  This is going to be my family’s favorite toy under the Christmas tree this year and here’s why:

  1. DOUBLE THE FUN- Laser Battle Hunters are sold in a two pack. So if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great money saving option for the holidays. You can’t beat TWO radio control battle machines for just $49.99.
  2. COOL NEW TECH-  Your child has the option to play safe and solo with a new autonomous single player mode against the computer using both vehicles or play in multi-player combat. In single player mode you can make one Laser Battle Hunter a moving target for 60 seconds. Use your Laser Battle Hunter to blast the target vehicle as many times as possible as it races around and returns fire. In multi player mode, use the built-in infrared cannon to out blast your opponent. Hunt your enemy, take aim at the rear of their vehicle and fire with impressive cannon recoil. Blast your opposition 3 times to win. Each hit triggers explosion sounds and sends your vehicle shaking. What’s super cool is if your friends have this set you can play on teams of up to 8 people!
  3. LIMIT SCREEN TIME- Kids spending too much time gaming?  Enjoy some nostalgia, it’s like the popular “Laser Tag” game but on wheels. These vehicles aren’t just combat machines, they also perform a full range of tricks and stunts for indoors and outdoors. 

Shh! Don’t tell the kids but my husband and I took the cars out of the packaging to take them on a test ride. We were impressed with how durable and well made the cars are. The remote controls are a good size for holding and easy to use when maneuvering the vehicles. My husband and I are nerdy kids at heart. We still love playing a game of laser tag and found this toy to be an awesome combination of combat and rc fun! Don’t just take my word for it…check out this video that highlights how cool this toy truly is!


This toy is available at Walmart, see for more information or to purchase – www.walmart.com/laser-battle-hunter.If this toy is going under your tree this Christmas, don’t forget to buy a total of 14 double AA batteries to start with.

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