Summer is here and with social isolation in effect, and summers humid heat on the rise, this likely means more time spent indoors. After over more than three months of being cooped up in the house, it’s easy to get bored. It can be hard to keep up with ideas for entertaining the kids. The solution can be found in returning back to the basics. Coloring sounds simple; however, it is extremely beneficial. One of the things I love most about coloring is how calming and relaxing it is. With 2020 being a stressful year, I thought we really need a therapeutic artistic outlet for our family. While looking for the right resources, I discovered Debbie Lynn’s jumbo coloring posters. I order one immediately and was so impressed that I had to share all about it.


1Debbie Lynn, Inc. is known for making high quality arts and crafts supplies. Whether it is markers or magnets, posters or pencils, sharpeners or sketchbooks, or any other Back to School, Office Accessory or Arts and Craft item, you can bet that Debbie Lynn, Inc. has made it! They provide awesome tools for growing imaginations. One of their most popular items is their Jumbo Coloring Posters. Their largest sized poster is 48” x 64.” These life-sized posters really are huge. We put our poster up on the wall and it’s like creating a giant wall mural. We are enjoying the collaborative efforts of completing this work of art a little each day through the summer.



There are many benefits to coloring, here’s a look at why your family should color this summer:

  • Coloring a giant poster together provides screenless fun. It’s a great way to spend quality time together. In fact, working together can even help with reducing sibling rivalry, by giving siblings something fun to do together as a team no matter their age. After all, even my three month old loves looking at the contrasts in the beautiful design.
  • Coloring improves fine motor skills. Coloring helps with pencil grip and muscle strengthening that lead to helping with writing skills.
  • Coloring increases attention span and trains the brain to concentrate. This simple activity to can entertain littles for hours as they learn to focus.
  • Coloring is relaxing and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Coloring is very therapeutic and meditative; it allows your mind to rest through mindfulness and quietness.
  • Coloring a Debbie Lynn jumbo poster can incorporate educational components in a creative way. From learning colors to counting hidden images there’s an education element in each poster.
  • Coloring a jumbo poster is an inexpensive activity that requires limited preparation. Instead of buying multiple coloring books it’s exciting to color one giant picture. The posters are currently on sale and Debbie Lynn is offering 15% of for all Playful Parent fans by using the code: PLAYFULPARENT.



Like I said before, the Jumbo Coloring Posters by Debbie Lynn really are JUMBO! I ordered the “Bee Kind” poster. It arrived quickly within 3-5 days. We hung our poster up on the wall in our craft room. It was simple to hang; we backed the poster with command strips on the corners and reinforced it with painters’ tape around the frame. This method of hanging seems to be holding it up well so far. The poster is high quality and thick so none of the ink from the washable markers has bled through to the wall. For the past three days we’ve been enjoying working on the poster together and have hardly made a dent. This is the biggest coloring page we’ve ever worked on and it’s going to probably take all summer. We all are having a lot of fun and look forward to seeing the finished product.

To order a poster CLICK HERE!

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