I am back to writing articles again after a short hiatus. If you didn’t hear the good news, last month our family welcomed our third baby into the world. During this adjustment of our growing family, we have been faced with the challenges of the corona isolation. Three issues we have been presented with during the quarantine are boredom, inadequate supply of food in the store and excessive junk food eating. Foodstirs offers a great solution for these problems.

apple bake

Foodstirs is a modern baking mix company that offers a fun, holiday-themed box every two months. The box always includes an organic baking mix, any dry ingredients you need to make the treat, and any decorating tools the recipe requires. This subscription allows you to save money by getting just the right amount of each ingredient and paying a low price for delicious, family-friendly baking mixes. The box ships on the 5th of every even-numbered month and typically arrives before the 10th of those months.

apple kit

Foodstirs is a health-conscious company that uses only the best ingredients. They are non-GMO and organic whenever possible. They use unbleached flour and natural flavors and are free from preservatives and dyes. Not to mention, the kits they send out are super cute and lot of fun. We really enjoyed making the sparkly apple bites. The nice thing is this kit came with a silicon apple tray that can be used again for future baking.


I was super impressed with all that was included in our first kit. We received a box with everything we need to make granola apple bites. From Chewy Oatmeal Bar mix to silicon apple shaped mold, every thing we needed to make our treat was included. I was impressed that the treat was both healthy and delicious. I can’t wait for our next box to come in the mail!

apple boys bake

A subscription package from Foodstirs is a wonderful way to over come the corona cabin fever and  spend quality bonding with the kids. Sign-up today to get tasty, quality, less-mess, more inspiration baking kits delivered to you! Use code “SWEET” for 20% off foodstirs.com.

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