My buddy and ITeaching my kids to swim has always been something of great importance to me. My dad owns a pool and I’m like a hawk watching them constantly and giving them the talk about pool safety all summer long. I think the topic of teaching kids to swim hits close to home since I had a near drowning experience when I was a small child. When I was about five, I remember being told I could wait by the pool but was warned not to go in until an adult came outside. While a quick task was being finished up by the adults and older cousins, I sat curiously and not so patiently by the pool. As I sat on the side with my feet dangling in, I began contemplating going in the shallow end…after all my feet could touch the bottom. I made my mind up to just go in a little bit, after all I believed I knew how to swim. Within seconds, I was under the water gasping to reach the surface. Luckily my aunt and cousins came running out and pulled me to safety. That moment of drowning was terrifying for me and my family. As a parent it is one of my worst fears. I hope to never experience a drowning or near drowning experience with my children.


According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children under the age of 14.  These statistics are scary and eye opening. Supervision, swim lessons and flotation devices need to be just as important as buying sun screen and swim diapers for the summer. Making sure that your child is comfortable in and around water is essential to their safety. While investing in swim lessons most importantly ensure kids safety; it also teaches them a valuable life skill, engages them in healthy physical activity and is an excellent activity that encourages social skills development.

My boys, now ages 5 and 7 are little fish. They love to swim. They have been swimming independently for about a year or two now; however, they aren’t strong swimmers. I realized that while I am a good teacher and have helped them become comfortable with the water and have taught them basic swim skills; they are in need of taking actual lessons. In order to prep them for the summer and to give them a fun in door activity, I decided that it’s the perfect time for indoor swim lessons.


After investigating a few options and a trial class, I decided to enroll my kids at Kids First Swim School in Waldorf, MD. If you aren’t familiar with Kids First Swim School, here’s a little information and a look at some the options available at the Waldorf location.


KIDS FIRST Swim School is open all year round, their indoor heated swimming facility is dedicated to teaching children (and event adults!) to swim. The pool is warmed at 90 degrees and ranges in from 2 feet in the shallow end to 5 feet in the deep end. Parents can enjoy watching their children from the unique observation rooms with one-way glass allowing parents to watch their child’s class without distraction to your child’s progress. Mommy & Me, Small Groups, Private or Semi-Private options are available, ensuring that your child is getting the level of attention that you want.


Mommy & Me- Mommy & Me is a beginner level program that invites Mom (or Dad) in the water with their infant/toddler as early as possible. This class is designed to work on developing the natural instincts that a child has for the water, as well as the primary skills of buoyancy, propulsion and breath control.

Private Lessons- Private lessons are designed for those ages 2 to adult. The program offers one-on-one training for the beginner through intermediate swimmer. Students will progress through the skill levels, while developing balance, confidence and swimming skills with their own personal instructor. Following a half-hour lesson, children are invited to stay to practice for a half hour.

Semi-Private Lessons- Semi Private lessons are a great way for families or closes friends join in a private lesson for a great bargain. By splitting the cost of instruction, you can gain all the benefits of an ultra-small class size for just a little more than our Small Group Lessons.

Small Group Lessons- Small groups are designed for children ages 3 to 12. In this program Swimmers will work in small classes of no more than five (5) comparably skilled children to master eight patented Kids FIRST /Kick FIRST® skill levels. Classes meet once a week. Children are evaluated at the end of each session and report cards are issued, documenting your child’s progress.


Be sure to check out the additional programs available; including: home-school classes, adult swim lessons, water aerobics, birthday parties and family swim nights. Lessons are offered in six-week sessions. Session Two starts February 10, 2020. We are already enrolled for February-March, come join us and let’s get these little’s ready for summer swimming and see why we made Kids First Swim School “My First Swim Lessons!”


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Address: 3307 Crain Highway, Waldorf, MD 20603 (Next to Moms Market)

Phone: 301-638-7946 (SWIM)


Pricing: Prices range in price depending on which package you pick.

Discounts: Military discount honored