Tonight I want to talk about an important summer topic…pool safety. According to the CDC, drownings are the leading accidental cause of death for children under the age of 14. These statistics are scary and eye opening. Supervision, swim lessons and flotation devices need to be just as important as buying sun screen and swim diapers for the summer.

My boys are defiantly water babies, they are always asking to swim in my parents pool. If they could swim every night through summer they would. I have to admit though, towards the beginning of the summer I was worried about how I could take two energetic little boys swimming on my own. One mom against to adventurous dare Devils with autonomy. Than I found Stearns Puddle Jumpers, the perfect water accessory to ensure safety in the pool. We’ve tried standard life vests and wings designed to save lives; however, they are noticeably hard to practice swimming in and my kids complain about how uncomfortable they are. Puddle jumpers on the other hand are designed to encourage learning how to float naturally and offer plenty of room to stroke arms and kick legs in order to learn how to swim. They offer the freedom to move around while being secure and buoyant enough to keep them at float.

They are super easy to put on, you simply slip each arm into a buoyant band than fasten the chest piece around their front and snap the safety buckle shut. Both arm pieces are connected to the chest flotation so that they are one piece and to prevent arm pieces from skipping off. The designer paid close attention to make sure the colors and characters are vibrant and fun. The design goes beyond just looking good though, the kids are comfortable in them. They are made of woven polyester a softer fabric that is less likely to cause chafing and is light weight. The material is made to dry easily and has built in antimicrobial properties that resist odor-causing bacteria. This device definitely fits better and is easier to pull on and off than any device I’ve used before. In the past my kids would fight putting on vests or floaties….Not anymore! They love the puddle jumpers and always ask to wear them.

Let me share a little about how they work. This genius design assists little ones with floating on the water with their head held completely out of the water. My kids enjoy the freedom that these swimmies provide. My kids love that no one is holding them up and that they can swim to me without assistance. I have seen so much improvement in their swim development and my anxiety level has gone from helicopter mom to fun in the sun mom. The puddles jumpers have definitely built confidence in my boys. I highly recommend puddle jumpers. I can’t believe I didn’t listen to more of my friends when they bragged about them last year.

I just want to clarify that while the puddle jumpers are a flotation device that can support your little fish they should never replace supervision. An adult should always be within a arms reach of their toddler.


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You can also buy this product at Babies-R-Us, Wal-Mart or Target.

(I have not been paid to write this article, my opinion is unbiased and honest based on my love for the product.)