One of our families favorite times of year is the Holiday season because when winter break rolls around that is when the stay-cation begins! 


 However, we were (and I’m sure you will be) 

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“In myth and in legend, the Knight and the horse are forever linked. Few things are held in such great esteem by the Medieval warrior than a stalwart horse, who possesses the bold courage of his master and the quiet strength of his ancestors.” Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a fun way to experience medieval combat while enjoying a period meal.  This family dinner theater features staged medieval-style games, sword-fighting, and jousting.


Medieval Times as various locations through out the United States; however, the closest for DMV families is located right outside of Baltimore at Arundel Mills Mall. You will enter through a large castle where you check in. When you first enter you are assigned a section and given a crown which displays the colors of the knight you’re rooting for.


Since it’s best to arrive early you will have some time to check out  the gift shop, explore the dungeon or walk around and admire the armor on display. We also enjoyed talking with the musicians who played us a few songs. It’s also a great opportunity to have your photo taken with knights or even the queen herself. Be sure to use the facilities before the show starts since its almost a two hour show.

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Next, your section will be called and you will line up to enter the grand hall. You will be seated and than introduced to your server.  One of the unique features of the meal is that there are no utensil needed or used. Which the kids find fun! Your napkin doubles as the menu to list all the tasty foods you will get to try out. Each course is brought out a little at a time through out the show. This way you are entertained and well fed. Menu includes, tomato bisque soup, garlic toast, roasted chicken, buttered corn on the cob, potato wedge, house pastry for dessert and beverage.


The show has a new story line this year. The plot focuses on the Queen and I have to say I was excited to see a woman take center stage.  You will be entertained by an array of the queens finest displays featuring horsemen, falconers and jousting.


The horses do some of the most fancy footwork and tricks I have ever seen. The horses are beautiful and impressive. Watch them gallop, prance, walk sideways and backwards is quite impressive.


The falconer come was a huge hit with my oldest sons, who’s favorite animal is a Falcon. A falcon is released in the arena and flies in patterns as instructed by the falconer’s waving flag. Watch this magnificent bird of prey swoops above your head.

MT- OUR KNIGHT.jpgNext, the knights show off their skills in games such as spearing rings and shooting arrows at targets. After mastering each challenge the queen will toss flowers to the knights, who than bestow them to lovely ladies in the crowd.


Last but not least is the famous jousting tournament. Did you know that the knights train for five years at Medieval Times before they joust in a show. This is probably the funnest part. Each knight battles until the winner is named. They first Joust on their horses and than will fight man to man in epic sword fights to claim a winner. My boys enjoyed cheering on their knight. We were excited to be the winning section…Go red and yellow!


A few things to know before you go…

  • The dinner and show will last two hours.  I recommend arriving early to check out the castle and the museum. Doors open 1.5 hours before the show start time.
  • There are 6 Knight sections. Your Knight section is randomly selected.
  • You will be assigned a table at the ticket counter. They call you by your Knights section. All VIP table holders will go first settling into the front row tables. Try to be in front of the crowd when they call your color because while you are assigned a table you are not assigned a seat.
  • Keep in mind that Children under the age of 3 are admitted free as long as they sit on adults’ laps and share their meal. If you prefer the child to have his or her own seat and meal, a child rate applies.
  • Remember that tipping is not included in your ticket price, so be sure to plan for tipping your server at the end of the show. It’s best to bring cash so you don’t have to wait for your card.
  • Parking is free. I suggest parking in the garage near by, since parking at Arundel Mills is hard to find.



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PICK A PACKAGE- There are a variety of packages that you can pick from. If you wish to get the basic package, have no fear all seats in the arena have great visibility. An advantage of purchasing a royalty VIP pass is that it includes extras like: cheering flag, photo with royalty and advanced front row seating. Also save money by following Medieval Times on Facebook since specials and deals are listed there. I highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advanced online to save time.

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BRING A CAMERA- I’m glad we took out our phone and camera to capture some fun moments. I wish my professional camera had battery left by the end of the show because we got to snag a photo with the Queen! (Whom happens to be our dear friend Amy and recognizable to some Charles County residents since she is an alumni of McDonough High School!)


ARRIVE EARLY- It is best to arrive at least 1 hour early.  You will get in line to enter the castle and will be given a colored pass that indicates your color aka section.  You can technically leave the castle and come back. There is a children’s play area off to the right of the entrance very close by. Just make sure you head back over 20 minutes before the show to line up and get a seat.

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DINNING- You are provided with two wet wipes. If you have really messy eaters, bring extra wipes. Also, I stashed a few packets of ketch-up in my purse since my oldest only eats chicken with this favorite condiment.


DRESS IN CHARACTER- My son dressed as a knight and it added to the experience. Children are welcomed to wear costumes (princess dresses, knights gear with sword and shield, etc).

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AFTER THE SHOW- Stick around afterwards the knights and royalty will come into the lobby following the show to knight those with birthdays and other special announcements. You can have your photo taken with the queen in the non-restricted areas.

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EXPLORE THE MALL- Bass Pro Shop has a winter wonderland November-December offering free pictures with Santa, complimentary crafts and toy testing for kids. LEGO is another cool store to check out, they have a station set up where you can build with LEGO’s.



Update: The Winner is Stacy R

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***A big thank you to Medieval Times for donating tickets. The Playful Parent is a 501c3 that is dedicated to advocating learning through play and promoting family bonding. The Playful Parent was not paid to promote Medieval Times, all information provided is based on my own non-bias opinion. All content and photos are intellectual property of The Playful Parent.***