If you have small children, or cats, your tree probably looks like ours and has nothing on the bottom half.  Here are ornaments that are kid friendly, for that bottom half, and break resistant, for those persistent cats.

Ornament 6: Yarn Shapes



  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Yarn (~3ft)


  1. Bend pipe cleaner into desired shape and twist the ends in place to hold.
  1. Tie the yarn onto the shape, preferably where the ends meet to help hold them in place. (You can glue the ends in place for a neater finish.)


  1. Wrap yarn around shape; weaving in and out of the shape for the best hold. Be careful not to pull too tight as it will bend the pipe cleaners.

4. Tie the yarn to the shape when done wrapping around and trim ends as desired.

5. Tie a loop of yarn at the top to hang ornament.