I love the idea of homemade costumes and often make my own; however, I find it really useful to have a few pre-made costumes on hand. A huge part of my job as a writer is to attend an array of events. We go to many functions to support a number of organizations and provide coverage.  For this reason I often need a few on hand at any moment from late September through Early November. Jakks Pacific has saved the day once again this year, they have partnered with Disguise to bring the coolest costumes this season.


Every year my family has had the honor of trying out a few costumes from Jakks Pacific and Disguise. Last year my boys got to test out the LEGO Ninjago costume. This year my children wanted to be video game characters. We don’t play video games much but boy are they obsessed with them. My youngest picked out Mario from Mario Cart and my oldest son selected Steve from Minecraft.



These costumes are designed for moving around, playing and trick or treating in! While it may look like life sized video game characters are walking among us; don’t let the bulky look of the Steve costume fool you. Thanks to the designers understanding of children and their need for a full range of motion; comfort and mobility were made a priority.

Both these costume choices comes in an array of children’s sizes 4 to 6, 7 to 8, and 10 to 12. The Mario comes in toddler sizes as well! Both costumes are made out of a light and soft fabric that allows complete range of motion and expression. My boys were able to visit neighbor houses to show off their new costumes. Mario was had more mobility. I will be honest I was a little nervous with the Minecraft attire on the stairs.


One of the features I liked the best about the Mario costume are the hand covers that function like winter gloves. Great for keeping little fingers warm on a chili fall. Also, they are made to allow kids to fully open and close their hand; allowing them to carry items like a candy bag or flash light.

I like that the Minecraft plastic masks is very light weight. This helps with comfort and being able to keep on the mask for longer periods of time. The transparent material around the eyes is breathable and allows full visual range.


  • The pants are stretchy and top has plenty of room to fit layers underneath the costume for chiller evenings without anyone ever having known the difference.
  • Let the costume layout for a few hours to decrease wrinkles. We took ours out of the box and put it on right away!
  • Even though Halloween is just around the corner don’t feel at a panic if your kid(s) still don’t have a costume. Disguise/Jakks Pacific is here to save your day…your little’s are sure to be excited about the new line for 2017.


Costume can be purchase online:

Also available in store: Spirit Halloween, Wal-Mart and Party City & Toys R Us (Price range $27-40)