My family was sent a Djubi Sports party pack that we got to try out at our Labor Day BBQ. It’s the perfect outdoor toy to add to your families collection. One of Djubi’s best features are the toys are great for playing solo or on teams. It’s a fairly simple toy and easy to catch onto, while remaining unique and lots of fun. I wish we would have discovered this great toy sooner because it’s not only excellent for back yard play but would be great to take on camping and beach trips. We even found out that it super fun to play with in the pool!



A3My kids crave getting outside to be active. The Djubi sling ball is basically a unique twist to catch. Each player is equiped with a special racquet that has a mesh net and handle with a small hook that can also be used as a sling shot. The Djubi ball is special too! Its a basic foam ball with a loop that allows you to launch it up to 100 feet. Players take turns shooting and catching.

The toy has a suggested play age of 8 and up. However, my preschooler had a blast once he got the hang of it!

Price Range: $19.00 – $24.99

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001L7TIP4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_GxpDybY0NM9XK



This toy’s not just a game toss; it relies on the same unique launching system as all Djubi games, but there’s no catching. Just firing balls into the target to score! Great for parties since you can play on teams!

Price Range: $19.00 -$24.99

Link: http://djubi.com/project/dart-ball/



***I want to thank Djubi for sending The Playful Parent these awesome toys to sample. The Playful Parent is not paid to write articles. All pictures and information presented are my own unbiased opinion.  ***