I love my microfiber couch; it’s soft, cozy and easy to clean… Yes, I said easy to clean! The downside to microfiber is that it stains easily; even the smallest of water spills leave evidence. Don’t worry there is a simple solution to this tiny problem. I have found a DIY mix that uses just three basic ingredients to be a life saver. Every time I use this homemade solution my couch looks brand new.


What you will need:

White Vinegar

Dish Soap (like Palmolive)

Warm Water



  1. Combine 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 cup warm water and 2 to 3 drops of natural liquid soap, such as Palmolive, in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously to combine the ingredients.
  2. Spray the stained area with the solution. Scrub the area in a circular motion with a soft dish brush, working the cleanser into the fabric.
  3. Lightly spray entire cushion and using a sponge clean the entire cushion wiping the cushions in the same direction so that it dries evenly.



Does the vinegar smell make the couch smell like vinegar?
The room and couch will smell wonderful like the soap and vinegar for about an hour but will quickly disappear as the couch dries, leaving no scent behind.

How often can I do this to my couch?
I clean my couch monthly and haven’t had any damage to the fabric.

It didn’t get all the stains out. Why?
You have to scrub the stain out and then wash the cushion evenly. If you weren’t able to get all the stain out the first time, wait a day or two and try it again.

How long does it take the solution to dry?
I usually let mine dry over night.

How will this affect the warranty on my couch?
Please be sure to call the company to find out because every warranty is different. Our warranty ran up a long time five years ago, but as you can see the couch still looks good as gold.

***Thank you Palmolive for sending me samples to use and giveaway so that The Playful Parent could share messipies and cleaning tips. The Playful Parent is not paid to endorse companies. I write articles based on my own experience and opinion to help families. ***