I was pleasantly surprised and taken back by the enchanting scenery surrounding Greenstreet Gardens. This serene garden and farm located in Lothian, Maryland is hosting its annual Fall Festival September 17th through October 30th. Our family had the pleasure of visiting last weekend for this seasons opening. From the moment I parked the car I noticed right away how much love, time and care this farm puts in to making sure it is warm, welcoming and well maintained. I honestly have to say it is the most beautiful farm I have ever been to. The entry way leading up to the gift shop and registry is surrounded by gorgeous flowers and foliage and a tranquil pond with a waterfall. It definitely sets the tone for a relaxing and fun getaway from daily stress.

After checking in at the register we entered the back garden and were surrounded by planted flowers and an adorable pumpkin collection.  The patio has plenty of comfortable seats for nursing baby or just relaxing in.  The décor and accessories definitely were inspirational for my patio and garden at home.

One of the things I like about this farm is that it doesn’t feel over crowded even when busy; they have a great way of dividing up activity areas to keep the flow of the festivities balanced. When you enter in to the farm you can get your face or hair temporary painted. The staff are kid friendly and did an amazing job talking to my kids as they warmed up to the idea of getting festive. Despite that my boys typically pass on this, they conceded to having a paw print aka paw patrol symbol painted on their hand.

After getting all dolled up with our festive paint, we hopped over to ride the cow train. My kids were smiling ear to ear to go on this ride. It’s adorable that the cows are painted slightly different with names on the side of the barrels. Each cart has a seat with seat belt so little ones can ride safely and independently.  I appreciate that there are large and small cart sizes so that if an adult should want in on the fun they can join. I’m not ashamed to say that I got to experience this ride with my boys a few times and it was entertaining. The ride goes up and down little hills and through an obstacle course of hay bales with cute scarecrows.

Next, we got to pet and feed some farm animals while waiting for the tractor ride. Make sure that if you want a cup of feed that you purchase it at check-in so you don’t have to back track. The tractor ride was another surprise; I thought that we would just get a simple tour with maybe some information about the farm. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I won’t go into too much detail but you get to go through a barn with a really cool set up. You will also pass by adorable scarecrows placed in different scenes and costumes. I’m impressed with how family friendly this attraction is; nothing was scary…which for my toddler and preschooler a blessing is. The tractor ride will bring you to the area designated for games, activities and corn maze. A few tips about the tractor ride, the attendant will assist you in bringing your stroller so bring it if you’d like a place to store your baby bag or to transport little’s around in. Here’s a tip you will be glad you read the article for…When facing the tractor from on the hay ride, sit on the right side. You will have optimal views and better photography angle.

At the top of the hill where you get dropped off is a really cool tunnel slide. I love how the slide is surrounded by a gorgeous garden with tons of butterflies. It is a huge relief that there was a staff member at the top of the slide assisting children while going down. I was impressed that she would ask the children’s name so that she could greet them when they returned for a ride. She was friendly and remarkably good at getting kids to share and wait in line for their turns.


Also, at the top of the hill take note of the facilities. I found it humorous that the latrines were covered by wooden out house with moon shapes on the doors. There is also a hand washing station. My oldest found it fun to push his foot on the paddle to get water to run.

At the bottom of the hill is the amazing corn maze. Attendants will give you a flag that you can wave if you get lost in the maze. Don’t worry about getting too lost; it is a fun maze that takes about twenty minutes depending on your child’s attention span and navigation skills. A little tip: follow the maze out to the right and you will be able to step out for some extra fun activities.

There are so many fun activities to engage in; our favorites were the tractor play set, sensory corn pit, giant jumping pillow, tire tower, corn hole and pumpkin bowling. We sent hours running back and forth between these fun activities. Also, be sure to take advantage of the photo opportunities; teepee, giant rocking chair or fun photo stations.

I don’t to want miss talking about the food. They have an awesome food truck that sells fresh made burgers, hot dogs and specials of the day. Food was affordable and not over priced. There are plenty of picnic tables to sit down and eat at. At the gift shop we splurged and got some kettle corn and local honey sticks on the way out. Not to mention I couldn’t help but take home the beauty with me; so I got a ceramic pot and flowers.

Last but not least I love that Greenstreet is family friendly and invested in the community; it’s great to see a farm committed to giving back to those who serve by honoring our Police, Fire, EMT’s, Teachers, Nurses and Military for hero’s weekend. Please check out their website for information on other discounts and specials events.

The Fall Festival is open Saturdays and Sundays, September 17th through October 30th, from 10:30am until 5pm (last ticket sold at 4pm). Tickets are $13 for general admission and include ALL activities here on the farm, plus you can stay as long as you want. There are discounts for seniors and military, plus children 2 and under are free.

WEBSITE: http://www.greenstreetgardens.com