Jakks Pacific has a new line of toys called Honestly Cute. And I have to admit the collection honestly is just too cute. My boys were so excited to open a giant box full of surprises that included a vacuum, stroller, two new baby dolls and accessories. My youngest son had wanted a stroller for his baby doll badly; especially since our new neighbors we play with take their baby dolls out for a stroll every evening. It was heart-warming to see him smile ear to ear over this new toy. My oldest was most excited about his new vacuum because he loves to help me clean the house.

The vacuum is pretty nifty. I love that it looks like a miniature version of a real vacuum.  From its on switch, to lighting up or noises, to easy to grip handle it definitely is the most realistic play vacuum I have ever seen. Even without powering it up, it will still make a soft sound and little beads pop up and down in the filter. This toy even comes with a hose and attachments. It is definitely an added bonus to have a toy that promotes a love for chores.  My last reason for liking this product above other play vacuums is silly but I love that it matches the color of our living room of a beautiful soft robin’s egg blue.

The stroller is a simple but well made umbrella stroller. Since we live a small townhome, storage space is limited. I like that it folds up and can be put away or even stowed in the trunk easily without taking up much room. Since my son likes to zip, zoom and race around with the stroller faster than the speed of light it makes me feel better that the handles are wrapped in soft rubber. It was smart that the makers made the buckle easy for little fingers to open and close.

Last but not least, I want to talk about the adorable baby’s from the Honestly Cute collection. These dolls are completely adorable and have some excellent features that make them unique and fun. I love that these baby dolls have working eye lids that open and close when you sit them back or lay them down. The outfits are fashionable and are paired with a little head band. The Velcro makes changing baby’s clothing easy and fun. It’s fun that the baby makes noises like cuing and crying when you press her tummy. My boys love feeding the baby a bottle since when you push it in her mouth she makes a sucking motion and sound.

We have bought many products from Jakks Pacific and I remain impressed with their quality and creativity in toy making. I want to thank Jakks Pacific for sponsoring this article. I enjoy writing reviews on both purchased and complimentary products in order to help parents feel comfortable with purchasing toys. The review is an honest and unbiased opinion based on my family’s real life experience with this toy.

Sold at Target: http://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=HONESTLY%20CUTE