My kids are obsessed with paper airplanes! My middle son probably makes at least three new planes a day. He’s always experimenting with new folds and trying to figure out how to make them fly further. While browsing this year Toy Fair products, I couldn’t help but inquire about POWERRUP Toys motorized airplanes! I am convinced that I’m the coolest mom in town for ordering these for my kiddos. Check out what makes this product perfect for imaginative play and STEM learning. Hopefully I’m getting this review to you in time for Christmas because they fit perfectly in stockings!


Let your imagination and creativity take flight with the POWERUP 2.0 paper airplane electric motor conversion kit. You can convert your own paper airplane into a motorized flying machine in just minutes. POWERUP attaches to your own paper airplane creations, adds a propeller, and gives it powered flight for up to 30 seconds. Check out this video…


Kit Includes:

  • 50K RPM motor
  • Carbon-fiber body
  • Reinforced nylon nose clip
  • Quick-charge port
  • Charger (3 AA batteries not included)

Additional Supplies:

  • 3- AA Batteries
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper

Once you open the box. I recommend laying all your supplies out, read over the instructions and watch tutorial video. I love that there are QR codes for directions on how to practice different airplane folds.


Once my kiddos folded their airplanes and attached the motors, we went outside for a flight test. At first they had a few crash landings. However, after a few test runs we were shocked by the distance and height we could get. See Instagram LINK to see the video of our test run!

Power up is also a great educational toy. Utilizing all the components of STEM, it’s a great way to demonstrate principles of flight and aerodynamics. Be sure to check out PowerUp’s Blog, it is a great resource, and has educational lessons, videos and templates for paper airplanes designs.


Toy: POWERUP 2.0

Price Range:$19.99-$49.99

Purchase LINK

***A big thank you to PowerUp for sending a kit to test out. The Playful Parent is a official 501(c)(3) non-profit that advocates learning through play and promotes family bonding. TPP is not paid to promote products, only shares them to connect parents to resources. All photos and content are property of The Playful Parent and must be given permission to use.