Avengers Assemble! Marvel fans and board game geeks will find this fast-paced, dice-rolling combat game to be a huge hit. Players battle as their favorite Marvel heroes in one-on-one duels and team battles.  The Marvel Dice Throne 4 Hero Box features; Scarlet Witch, Thor, Loki, and Spider-Man, each with their own set of dice, playing board, and unique deck of cards. Here’s a video clip from USAOPOLY featuring this awesome game.



The game plays a lot like Unmatched mixed with Yahtzee. Attack your opponents and activate abilities with dice rolls, accumulate combat points, and spend them on action cards that allow for ability upgrades such as Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic and Spider-Man’s Invisibility.  Picking your character is a part of the fun.  All the characters are awesome, from the art work to the hero abilities and its hard to choice just one. Each character comes with everything you need neatly in their own separate box. Setup is simple, open your character box and lay out all the pieces in front of you.


Players take turns rolling their dice and playing their abilities. On your time roll all the dice. The goal is to match the dice symbols to your characters powers to enact their abilities. This part is very much like Yahtzee; in which the goal is roll the dice in certain patterns such as a small or large straights. Players are able re-roll dice up to three times. Once the dice have been rolled and power decided, the player will announce the Offensive Ability chosen. The opponent then defends by playing cards, enacting abilities or rolling dice.  Each character has a different type of defense,; some are better at blocking damage, while others retaliate.  The health dial is than adjusted to reflect amount of damage during attacks! Health starts at 50 and the goal is to knock your opponent down to zero first. The game will loop back until one hero is left standing. The game is a great pairing on strategy and luck. Check out the tutorial video on how to play:


This game was a lot of fun. Since each character plays differently and the abilities are complex; it might take a couple rounds before catching on all the way. The game is best for 2-6 players and age 10 and up. I haven’t tried it yet; I thought my younger kids might enjoy playing the dice roll elements and eliminate the card play until they catch on. The game offers a lot of learning through play opportunities including but not limited to: enhances, cognitive skills,  math skills, literacy and language skills, taking turns,, increases processing speed, develops logic and reasoning, improves critical thinking, verbal and communication skills, increases attention and concentration, teaches problem-solving, develops confidence and improves decision-making.

Currently there is a 4-hero starter pack; as well as two 2-hero expansion packs. For a total of 8 characters available to play! This game will be available at the next family board game night event. I hope to host one soon!

Marvel Dice Throne is available for purchase:




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