For this weeks Toy Tuesday, I’m excited to share about a board game by Play Monster called Reign- The Final Battle Royale. Reign is perfect for competitive gamers who enjoy melee style games such as Risk.  In this strategy game designed for two to four players, you will go head to head in a battle to see which victor is left standing. Reign comes with four factions; Samurais,  Droids, Barbarians and Super Soldiers. These warriors battle to survive doomed land that is destined to be destroyed. Players must strategize a way to remain in battle by fleeing disappearing game space, fighting opponents and showing no mercy to survive The Final Battle Royale!


Like most games you will begin with setting up your board.  From the start, you will notice the game is fun for children. They are sure to enjoy the first step which is to put the jigsaw style board together. This game defiantly emphasizes on the set up, as it is part of the strategy process and game play itself. To begin each player will select their faction of choice and place their 12 figures and color corresponding dice in front of them. Next, the Power Stones are split equally amongst the players. With the youngest player going first, each player will take turns adding the Power Stones to the board on the inner zone.  Each player starting once again with the youngest player will then add their troops to the board along the outer rim one at a time until all are placed. Don’t forget to place the countdown timer next to the board with the tracking token starting on the 11 space. Lastly, shuffle the disaster deck and place it face down near the countdown timer and flip over the top card. The battle is now ready to begin!

Each player will take turns moving, battling or collecting Power Stones. On a player’s turn, they may move one of their troops up to three spaces. If a turn ends on a Power Stone, it is added to their pile. If a player ends their movement on an adjacent place to an enemy, they may attack! During an attack, both players involved will go head to head in battle. To see who wins each player will roll their faction dice; as well as add the result their soldiers attack level (one point, two points or three points.) If players have a Power Stone they may use it during battle to boost their attack. It costs one stone to roll the extra power dice. Also during the movement phase, a player may spend one Power Stone to roll the dice and move that amount of extra spaces. It’s important to remember after every play takes a turn you must move the countdown marker. When it reaches the end of its track, the disaster area is removed from play and all remaining troops and Power Stones are lost. The tracker is moved to the beginning of the next track and the next disaster card is flipped over and play resumes. Every time the countdown reaches a star section, another area of the board is removed. This continues until all the disaster zones are removed and the center portion is all that remains.  The game ends once one player eliminates all other player’s troops! They are than crowned the Final Battle Royale!


This game is a winner for us! My boys have asked to play it time and time again since it first arrived. However, I could see it causing some sibling or family battles of the board for some.  This isn’t the type of game for kids who are used to their parents cheating to let them win; if you know what I mean. This game involves strategy and a little bit of luck. It is a no holds back, no mercy, last man standing, scrimmage kind of game. So if you enjoy being competitive but can still except defeat, this game is good for you.


I’m a huge fan of game-schooling; basically using board games to teach different areas of academic study. They will practice mathematic skills by adding dice rolls; as well as master critical thinking and problem solving skills through concepts such as area movement, zone control and player elimination.  I recommend having early elementary schools assist in reading the game rules and disaster cards aloud to work on literacy and reading comprehension.


Game: Reign: The Final Battle Royale

Age: 8 Years Old and Up

Players: 2 to 4 Players

Game Time: 30-45 Minutes

Cost: $29.99

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***Thank you Play Monster for donating a copy of Reign. We are honored to share all about this amazing game! The Playful Parent is a non-profit that advocates learning through play and promotes family bonding. All photos and content are intellectual property of The Playful Parent and must be given permission to use.***