There’s no better way to spend a hot summers day than at the pool! The Chesapeake Beach Water Park is the perfect local family-friendly spot to cool off. Be prepared to have fun on the many different water slides or even relax under your own private cabana. What’s great about Chesapeake Beach water park is that it’s smaller than a theme park, yet has enough activities for all ages to keep you entertained for an entire day trip. We went on a weekday and felt like the park was busy yet not overwhelmingly crowded. Unlike most water parks, there weren’t long lines for the slides or other attractions. This might also be because the park is only filling up to 30% capacity each day.


There are a hand full of fun little slides for young kids including: a clam, frog, pirate ship, shell and yellow mountain slide. They provided a safe thrill perfect for ages 2 to 8.  I really enjoyed the yellow slide because we could go down together; either side by side or on my lap.


There are two big slides that are for those 48″ or taller. The blue tunnel slide is for riding down on your back. The white slide you can go down on a double or single inner-tube. My oldest son who’s 8 was excited that he was tall enough to test out the big slides this year! We got to test the double inner-tube out and that it was a lot of fun.


The lazy river is a favorite of our entire family. I enjoyed sitting back to relax and enjoy a slow ride that offers a tour of the water park. While my boys enjoyed swim along the jets so that they can go extra fast around the river.


There is a awesome section for infants and toddlers located near the front of the park. This includes a zero depth entry to a shallow pool area and fun water features. It’s great that the section is gated in.


There are lockers, changing rooms and concessions on site. Small, medium or large lockers can be rented for $5-$15 depending on what size you need. The changing rooms have toilets, sinks and showers. Keep in mind that no outside food or beverage (other than water bottles) are allowed in the park. That being said there is a onsite grill with lots of kid-friendly options and a ice cream stand if you need a sweet treat to cool you off.


  • We arrived when the park opened and there was a line to get in. Luckily, the only line we had to deal with the entire day. I suggest getting there 30 minutes earlier than opening time (especially if you want a chair) or waiting 30 minutes after opening to avoid the line.
  • To save money consider packing a lunch, there are shaded picnic pavilions right outside the park. We left our cooler in the car and when we were hungry left to eat and came back to play some more.
  • Look for a deal, you can get discounted tickets on Certifkid Link or Groupon Link.
  • Don’t forget to pack your essentials; SUNSCREEN, goggles, swim diapers, etc. However, if you for get something there is a store that sales these items.
  • We also like to wear water shoes. The pavement can get toasty on your feet.
  • If you have coast guard approved swimmies like Puddle Jumpers bring them. They are great. You can also borrow one if needed for the park.


Address: 4079 Gordon Stinnett Ave., Chesapeake Beach, MD

Hours: Tuesday -Wednesday Calvert County Residents Only. Thursday- Sunday all are welcome.


Cost: General Admission- Adult & Children (48 inches or taller) $39 weekday/$49 weekend children (under 48 inches) $36 Weekday/ $46 Weekend. Calvert Resident Discounted General Admission – Adult & Children (48 inches or taller) $25 weekday /children (under 48 inches) $20. Season passes also available.

***Thank you Chesapeake Beach Water Park for inviting The Playful Parent to your park. The Playful Parent was not paid to endorse business; this article was written based on a non-bias opinion to help families plan fun outings.***