Unbox a treasure chest full of adventure with the new game concept from Akibabus! Boxitale Knights of Nature combines craft-based imaginative play with digital technology to bring an interactive and fun board game designed for children ages 7 and up. BoxiTale is the first board game of it’s kind to immerse players into a story-based adventure. It accomplishes this by leading gamers on an animated quest in which they are the heroes themselves. Players get to take part in real hands on activities including building, designing and solving challenges that are placed before them.


Be sure to allow plenty of time to play the game, so that it doesn’t feel rushed. This innovative game is designed for about an 45-60 minutes of play time. Boxitale can be played independently by children or as a family. The box comes with everything you need to play! Including two episodes and a bag full of craft supplies including; kid friendly scissors, wires, special building connectors, washi tape, colored pencils, game board and free downloadable app. Start the game by opening the box and scanning your QR code. Download the free app and listen to the instructions. The App will take you step by step through how to play the game. First, you build an elaborate club house which is your board. Next, you will design a character. Than you will go on an interactive journey of story telling and creating. Check out this cool video that gives a sneak peek look at the game:


Here’s why we love Boxitales…

  • Raising tech savvy not tech addicted children is difficult in a tech driven world. This game is a great way to to incorporate technology in a way that promotes STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) learning. Kids will develop STEAM skills from playing Knights of Nature. The game will expand their knowledge by learning engineering, problem solving, analyzing and integration. 
  • The creators did an amazing job at designing a game that includes crafting and solving puzzles while using a device to follow the animated story line setting up the perfect way to bring their imagination to life.
  • Boxitales is both a coordination and brain game – Little ones are encourage to practice fine motor skills and hand – eye coordination with the crafting challenges.


KNIGHTS OF NATURE  (Retail under $25 on Amazon)

WITCHES ANNUAL RACE (Retails under $25 on Amazon)

ELITE EXPLORER (Retails under $25 on Amazon)


The Playful Parent will have this game on display at the Summer Camp Fair taking place on May 22, 2021 11AM-2PM at the Charles County Fair grounds. One of the door prizes will be a copy of Boxitales – Witches Annual Race! To learn more about the event visit the event webpage or Facebook Event link to learn more. As far as your name being drawn to win this awesome prize…”May the odds be ever in your favor!”

***Thank you Tryazon and Akibabus for donating a copies of Boxitale. We are honored to share all about this amazing game! The Playful Parent is a non-profit that advocates learning through play and promotes family bonding. All photos and content are intellectual property of The Playful Parent and must be given permission to use.***