Some of you may have heard about Marvel Battleworld by Funko; while others may be hearing about it for the first time. For those of you who have been playing a while; you will be excited about the new expansion that has just been released! For those just starting out, I will start with the basics before getting to the exciting news!


Marvel Battleworld is a collectible, expandable and playable die-rolling combat game featuring dozens of Avenger characters. Battleworld is designed as a 1-4 player game, perfect for children ages 6 and up. Game play can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of play time. Choose your favorite hero, and use their unique special abilities to beat Thanos. Roll to attack and win battles! Achieve three battle victories to win the game! Check out this awesome video by Funko Games that gives a tutorial on how to play the game.


Series one has over 30 unique Avenger characters to collect. You can expand your collection by purchasing either Mega Packs or Battle Battles. If you are new to the game; I recommend purchasing a Mega Pack to start with. Inside a Mega Pack you will find six characters; four revealed heroes and two more heroes who are trapped in orange Thanostones! Also in the pack you will get a custom 12-sided die, 13 Battlecards, and popout tokens for play. Battleballs are blind packages containing two random figures, one  loose hero and one trapped in a Thanostone. Inside you will also find everything you need to play including instructions, a special 12 sided die, 5 Battlecards and popout tokens. The nice thing about this game is that you can play the game with only one BattleBall and they are very inexpensive.

Our family has been collecting for a while now and almost has a full collection of Series 1! Just when we thought we had them all Funko Games released it’s latest Mega Pack! This special pack includes Frost Giant Loki and five other Heroes. We are super stoked since this is the first new release since last year’s Thanos Ship Showdown. The Frost Giant Loki Mega Pack is perfect for those starting out or if you want to expand your Hero roster. The packs are available for around $25 on Amazon or Game Stop.


We own a huge collection of board games and often use them for gameschooling. Gameschooling in short is using board games to practice academic skills such as mathematics or literacy in a fun way. Here are some ways we use the game to play, learn and grow:

  • Marvel Battleworld is a cooperative gaming system, which is great for teamwork with children!
  • In order to determine if you have won the battle you have to use arithmetic skills. Add your heroes strength to the number you roll each round.
  • Practice reading, each card comes with instructions for that characters unique abilities.

***The Playful Parent is a 501(C)(3) non-profit dedicated to promoting learning through play and promoting family bonding. All information and photos are intellectual property of The Playful Parent. Thank you Funko Games for your generous donations. We are excited to have this game added to the board game collection; we can’t wait to host a community board game night soon.***