Spring has sprung! With Easter just a few short weeks away, I used this weekend to get a few things for my boys baskets. While shopping, I couldn’t help but notice that retailers are pushing for shoppers to purchase tons of cheap candy, plastic grass, and junk toys. I don’t know about you but I’m not so inclined to buy things that will make a quick trip to the landfill. I try to jump past the junk and find treasures that will last a while. So when I passed by a display of National Geographic Kid books at Books-A-Million this weekend; I knew exactly what to grab for my kids Easter Baskets.

I’m really excited about the books I picked for my kids. For my six year old I grabbed a copy of the Little Kids First Book of Why and for my eight year old I picked out Why Over 1,111 Answers to Everything. I don’t know about you; but my kids are always asking why! These two books are filled with bright and interesting pictures and fascinating facts that will satisfy kids curiosity and sense of fun. Like all National Geographic books are packed with photos, facts, and fun, offering the perfect balance of “edu-tainment” for kids and parents too! If you want to get your children excited about learning, National Geographic books are a great treat to put in your little ones basket this Easter. To learn more about the Why book visit National Geographic’s website. These books are available at stores including Books-A-Million and Amazon.

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