With many children’s education taking place in the home this year, parents are in need of ways to keep their kids engaged and excited about learning. Whether you’re home schooling and looking for a science curriculum or just want something interesting and fun to do with your kids; I highly recommend SmartLab Toys.These science kits come with everything you need to explore exciting science topics.

The kit I want to share about this Toy Tuesday is perfect for October because it focuses on all things creepy and Crawley. The outdoor science lab is earth science focused and comes with a portable lab packed with real science tools, hands-on activities, and special components that invite kids to identify, classify, measure, test, and analyze the natural world around them. My boys enjoyed capturing insects and taking a closer look through the microscope. I personally love that the kits come with activities and information booklets so I don’t have to get more than what comes in the kit.

  • ENCOURAGES STEM LEARNING IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Get the kids playing outside where they will explore botany, geology, entomology, chemistry, physics, and hydrology. The kit comes with all the tools need and even comes with a book full of information and a handful of cool activities to try out. 
  • ALL YOU NEED IN ONE BOX!!! The Outdoors kit comes with 17 items including: bug catcher, UV night scope, night scope attachment clip, nature scope viewer with magnifying lens, macro lens with clip, macro lens focusing base, 2 collect & store compartments, beaker, 10 pH test strips, 2 take-along ID charts, and a 32-page science activity book. Did you know the scope clips to your smart phone? Such a awesome way to use technology to take a closer look at nature. 
  • ENDLESS HOURS OF OUTDOOR FUN: Science-based activities encourage kids to get outside and explore their yard, park, and schoolgrounds as they become dirt detectives, hunt for bugs, embark on plant quests, and more.


PERFECT FOR BUDDING SCIENTISTS AGES 8+: Great, portable activities for play dates, sleepovers, family outings, and at-home learning.

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