So much joy and excitement comes with the arrival of a new baby; however, so does drastic change and challenges. So much attention goes into getting ready for the newest addition of the family; however, it’s important to remember that equal attention needs to be put into the soon-to-be older siblings.

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Adjusting to a growing family means focusing on helping everyone acclimate to the arrival of the new bundle of joy. How to be the best big brother or sister is super important but doesn’t always come naturally. I hope this information will help parents in preparing kids for their big new role. Here are some ideas for how using a baby doll can help with a new sibling’s arrival.


Role playing with a baby doll gives children a chance to take a test run so to speak. Baby dolls offer a change for the soon-to-be sibling to practice being a big helper. They can execute the tasks of being a big helper by getting the diapers, wipes, and pacifier. The can work on making sure the right toys are ready and that they have funny faces and songs to sing in order to help cheer up a fussy wee one. They can learn about how to gentle hold and care for baby.

Here is a look at the top ten things that dolls help promote in soon-to-be older siblings:

  • Role playing with a doll can build confidence in being a good big brother or sister.
  • Playing with a doll promotes nurturing and helps children develop empathy.
  • Dolls offer the chance to practice being the big helper, giving older siblings a sense of importance.
  • Having their own doll gives the older sibling a chance to care for their own baby. By taking care of their baby it will give them something to be proud of.
  • Role playing with the doll ahead of time helps prepare older siblings for being helpers.
  • Dolls help adjust to the idea of an addition to the family and can help reduce or prevent jealousy and regression.
  • Practicing with a doll helps siblings feel involved and excited about the idea of having a new baby in the house.
  • Children learn through play, so having a doll to practice with makes it more fun and less of a chore.


The Playful Parent hosts many free events to the community. On April 12, 2019 The Playful Parent and Moms With Tots host a special workshop called “Baby On Board.” We had a handful of families come out to participate in activities, learn about tips and tricks that help ease preschooler into being a big brother or big sister. We hope to host this event annually to assist growing families in the area. Stay tuned for the next one which will include…

  • Hands on Activities
  • Story
  • Dolls for Kids to Explore
  • Q&A with Local Moms
  • Custom Apparel Raffle

This event is geared toward children 2-5 but all ages are welcome.


I’m so excited that JC Toys donated a few dolls for the Baby On Board event. These award winning dolls are designed in Spain the utmost care and attention to detail. At first glance I would think that these dolls were real babies; making these dolls the best doll to role play and prepare for the coming of a new baby. The La Newborn dolls are perfect for caring and nurturing. To find out more about these precious baby dolls please visit their site at Please take a moment to thank them for donating the dolls to our community by visiting their Facebook Page.

(Feature image photo credit to Folk Haus Studios)