Now that Halloween has passed; you may have a pumpkin or two left over from fall decorating. This weeks Homemade Monday project is a hands on activity that features exploring the inside of a pumpkin.  With this playful science activity your little Pumpkin will learn all about the inside of everyone’s favorite fall fruit.


This activity was also the same project from the Pumpkin Palooza at the Farmers Market two weeks ago. So if you missed the event you can still do the activities at home.


open pumpkin.jpg

  • Pumpkin
  • Carving knife
  • Tape
  • Paper Plate
  • Construction Paper
  • Tools to Color (Markers, crayons, dotters, paint)
  • Ziplok Bag (Sandwich Sized)
  • String
  • Pumpkin Seeds


  1. Cut a circle along the inside of a paper plate leaving an inch still attached to the plate. This way you are forming a flap that can open and shut.cut circle.jpg
  2. You will need to pre-cut a few more items before starting this project with your kids. Using green construction paper, cut out a small rectangle for a stem and oval for leaves and make a small hole punch at the bottom. Cut a few small strands of yarn for fibrous strands and 3-4 inch piece of string for the pumpkin vine.cut.jpg
  3. First, before diving into the craft project. I suggest cutting open a pumpkin.  Only an  adult should use the knife. Talk to you child about the different parts of the pumpkin. They can also play with the pumpkin insides they are fun and slimy to play with.
  4. This part of the project is a lot of fun! Have your little one decorate their plate to make it look like a pumpkin by coloring or painting the plate. My boys enjoyed using BINGO dot markers to add color to their plate.jpg
  5. Add string to represent fibrous strands and seeds into a ziplok bag.seed.jpg
  6. String your vine, stem and leaf together and tape to the back of the pumpkin.stem and vine.jpg
  7. Tape your sandwich bag to the back of the pumpkin. pumpkin ziplok.jpg
  8. Your pumpkin is done, you can review the parts of the pumpkin with your child.pumpkin c.jpg


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