While out shopping at the mall, I saw these wonderful bath bombs with surprises in them. My first thought was, wow… I need to get these for my boys. I also realized that it would be extremely beneficial; especially during this time of year to write an article about Da Bomb bath fizzers. With school quickly approaching, kids will not only need to be squeaky clean but also feel relaxed and calm for their first day of school. Any type of change or transition can bring about positive or even negative stress. It’s important to have some tricks up your sleeve for calming and curing those pre-first day of school jitters. Here’s a little about Da Bomb bath fizzers and why we like them so much.


What’s really neat about these bath bombs is that they were invented by sister kid-preneurs. At the young age of 10 and 11 years old, Isabel and her sister Caroline began their journey to making the ideal bath bomb. Both these young ladies now 16 and 17, had always loved bath fizzers. However, were sad that after a bomb finished dissolving the fun was gone. They decided to create their own line of bath bombs, each which contains a fun surprise inside and using simple and natural ingredients! The business is family owned and operated, it’s great to have a product on the shelves that is handmade in the USA. These bath bombs are pure genius, something that everyone whether young or young at heart can enjoy!


LOVE AT FIRST FIZZ.jpgIt’s was love at first fizz for me and the boys. What’s not to love about a bath bomb that turns your tub into a fizzy, colorful, scented oasis. The thing we loved the most is that even once the fizzing ended, the fun didn’t. After a few minutes a tiny surprise emerged. We tested out the mystery bath bomb and got an adorable little puppy charm. Keep in mind that the prizes are tiny and recommended for children over the age of 3, to prevent from becoming a choking hazard.

bath bomb 2.jpg

There are so many different bombs to choose from depending on what sent or themed toy surprise you prefer. Look at the crazy long list of different bombs available:

  • Flower Bomb
  • Disco Bomb
  • Glow Bomb
  • Beach Bomb
  • Mystery Bomb
  • Unicorn Bomb
  • Fairy Bomb
  • Dragon Bomb
  • Tatoo Bomb
  • Love Bomb
  • Galaxy Bomb
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Ninja Bomb
  • Party Bomb
  • Bug Bomb
  • Bling Bomb
  • Cake Bomb
  • Candy Bomb
  • Earth Bomb
  • Treasure Bomb
  • Sport  Bomb
  • Quote Bomb
  • Fortune Teller Bomb
  • Hero Groovy Bomb


da bomb.jpgOrder online: www.dabombfizzers.com

Available at local stores: Target, Hot Topic,  Torrid, Rue 21 and Ulta Beauty

***The Playful Parent was not paid to write this article. All information is my own non-bias opinion. Thank you Da Bomb for providing a sample so that an article could be written on these wonderful bath bombs that are a perfect solution for making baths relaxing and fun.***