x-2.jpgWe were invited to a friends birthday party this weekend and I was thrilled to find the perfect gift for their little one who loves dolls and all things girly. I’m used to shopping for my active boys who prefer vehicles and sporty things; so it’s definitely a nice change of pace to get something that isn’t a train or a Nerf gun. While shopping around we found this new doll collection that is true to its name and is Perfectly Cute!  



The Perfectly Cute- Lil’ Baby Bunk Bed Playroom set by Jakks Pacific includes: 2 mini dolls, a bunk bed, 2 bedding sets, 1 ladder, 1 slide/seesaw, 2 animals rockers, and a suitcase aka ballpit.  The Bunk Bed Playroom price point is at $24.99. You can find this set at Target or online through Amazon. For more information check out the Jakks Pacific site or stay connected on Facebook.



If you are in search of the perfect gift for a little one that loves dolls, this is the perfect set! The mini dolls are 8 inches, so they are a great size to play pretend with. The dolls can fit right in a small bag and are great for on the go play.  What I like most about this toy is that it has multiple uses for the slide and animal rockers. You can use the slide by attaching it to the bunk bed. The animal toy can be used as a stand alone rocker; or you can convert the slide and animal rockers into a seesaw! I chose this particular set for a gift because it comes with two dolls. I thought it would be nice for the birthday girl to be able to play with her sister. It is also very durable and strong, and built for play. The best part is that it promotes imagination and provides hours and hours of endless imaginative play.

slide seesaw.jpg


Thank you Jakks Pacific for making such great toys for kids and for providing great suggestions and sending toys to review. All information and photos provided belong to The Playful Parent and are my own non-biased opinion. Reviews are written to help take away the stress of shopping for families and provide honest feedback about toys that promote learning through play.