It’s that time of year where visions of sugar plums dance in our heads and ideas for the perfect present are being made. Some of you may already have completed your shopping while others are planning a holiday shopping trip to pick the right toys for all good little girls and boys.  I have found that when I am shopping for my little ones, I keep in mind that they enjoy toys that are engaging and keep their hands busy. They especially love activities where they can build…. From blocks to briks or take apart toys to magnetic tiles they spend hours of endless fun engaging in play with toys that can be engineered.


We were lucky to be selected to test out Strictly Briks® . I don’t know who was more thrilled when the box came in the mail, me or the boys! I had spent some times looking over the website looking at all of the products and imagining the fun our family would have. We were all excited to invite some friends over for a block party to test out these awesome Briks and this article will show the fun we had.  Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on trying these cool toys or getting some freebies. The Strictly Briks package will be at the Toy Testing Workshop at the lirbary on December 9th.


I love that the package came with all sorts of stackable baseplates.  It’s great to have a place to set up and display creations. The plates are simple to setup and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes including; squares, triangles, circles and half-cirlces.  I think what I love best about this set of briks is that they are more than just a form of entertainment; they inspire creative thinking through a blank canvas. Instead of building a pre-designed model from instructions, Strictly Briks promotes open-ended creations. With all the different shapes, sizes and colored briks the sky is limits with what you can create. Strictly Briks are very versatile, you can add figurines and even use LEGO brand bricks to add to your masterpiece.


Also, in the package was a fun game called Brik Buster. This game was designed by two children, Erik and Sonja who started building Brik towers  as high as they could and then taking turns knocking them down. Their original idea was turned into a game that won the 2017 Eddy Award for Best Educaitonal Game. My oldest son, who’s five, enjoyed building a strudy tower that is difficult to knock over and would take multiple hits. It was amazing to watch his mind at work as he used science, technology, engineering and math skills to construct his tower.

sb- l.jpg


Creativity has its base® with award-winning Strictly Briks, a hit since 2015. With a mission to provide an affordable platform and structure for kids to build, every product encourages combining with toys already available from action figures and cars to stuffed animals. This is play in a new way. Kids’ creativity shines by building upon stackable baseplates that grows to whatever is imagined at the moment. At the same time youngsters amass STEM knowledge from engineering to architecture as they play! Follow them on social media channels Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. To browse or order directly, visit their website at

***I want to thank Strictly Briks for sending The Playful Parent these awesome toys to sample. The Playful Parent is not paid to write articles. All pictures and information presented are my own unbiased opinion.  ***