The board game Word Slam is designed for two teams  to go head to head in a story telling challenge.  Each round a storyteller is given card with a word they must get their team to say out loud. Without actions, gestures or speaking they must give clues to their team through cards so that they can correctly guess the answer. The game changer is team members must guess quickly, because players are racing the timer and each other.

The game is challenging yet fun as you use a selection of 105 cards, each with one word on it: a noun, verb, adjective, or preposition.  We found out quickly the storyteller must be creative in using vocabulary to tell the story. Plus the team members must think quickly and out of the box to interpret the story cards. To win the team with the most points wins. To get points a team must correctly guesses the answer first to get a point.

WS- SAMPLEWord Slam is much like charades, only instead of acting, you solely rely on communicating with word cards! In the sample photo of above the story tell drew the card with “Jaws.” They used the words: big, bad, under, water, movie, animal to help his team figure out the answer.


Our family and friends thought the game was a lot of fun. I personally think this is a great game to help older children with their vocabulary and problem solving skills. This game is great for family fun or even as a educational tool in the classroom. All the Kosmos games I’ve played are well designed, durable and made with high quality matrials.



Board Game: Word Slam By: Kosmos

Price: $29.95

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The Playful Parent will be hosting another board gaming party soon to offer a fun way to test out the different Kosmos Board Games in September. Stay tuned for a date and time.

***Thank you Tryazon and Kosmos for proving the opportunity for The Playful Parent to test out this awesome board game and spread the word about how cool it is.***