Upcycle Seed Planter


I remember as a kid planting 100 plus trees with my dad and grandfather every spring and that fed my love of nature and the environment. In honor of Earth Day I wanted to plant something with my little one, so she helped me start some seeds for our garden.

Supplies flower.jpg


– Egg carton (cardboard not Styrofoam)
– Soil
– Seeds
– Scissors
– Trowel

How to:

This is best done outside, but if you have to do it inside just spread some newspaper on your work surface. Cut the lid and front tab off of the carton, leaving just the bottom. I’ve read some things that say to put drainage holes in the bottom but as long as you don’t over water them you should be fine. Next, fill each compartment evenly with soil; I had to do this step because she was trying to climb a tree… I did get her to come over to put the seeds in. We poked a hole in the soil and she put 2-3 seeds in each compartment and helped cover them with soil. After that, keep them moist and in sunlight and you should see sprouts shortly (days vary depending on plant type). When they are large enough to transplant, cut the carton apart and plant the whole compartment. The compartments with break down and biodegrade in the ground as your seedlings continue to grow.

My little one loves the garden and I look forward to showing her how plants grow. I found this book on Amazon that I will be giving her on Earth Day (April 22) as we continue to watch our seeds grow.

Planting Seeds.jpg