It’s important for kids to understand that the world we live in is shared with furry, feathered and scaly friends. Visiting an aquarium or zoo can help children understand the importance of taking care of the environment as it has a significant impact on the lives and welfare of animals. Whenever we go on vacation I know finding a new zoo to explore is always a good option for learning and growing.

The North Georgia zoo is the perfect place to visit because it’s a hands on experience with lots of exhibits for visitors to touch, pet, feed and interact with different animals. I absolutely love watching my boys as they stare in wonder and amazement at new animals they are meeting for the first time. Their little faces light up, a big smile and joyful laughter comes over them as they pet and feed creatures big and small.

The North Georgia Zoo is a unique zoo different than most traditional zoos. There are different experiences and encounters to match all families schedules, ages and budgets. Weather you choose to visit the petting zoo or experience a camel encounter you are sure to have a fun filled adventure. Different packages include options such as; exploring the petting zoo, touring through the zoo of exotic animals, camel encounters, hay rides, parakeet landing, reptile encounter and pony rides.

No matter which adventure you take there is one thing that is universal at the North Georgia Zoo and that’s learning through hands on exploration. The ability to learn through meeting, touching and even feeding animals is consistent. I love how the zoo is staffed with friendly, passionate and well educated individuals who are dedicated to making sure each guest has a personal experience that is memorable.

My favorite exhibit was Parakeet Landing, a unique and interactive experience where you will be surrounded by cute and colorful parakeets. It is a walk in aviary where the birds land or fly around you. If you would like to feed a parakeet, seed sticks are available for $2 each.

This zoo is definitely kid friendly so make sure your little one gets to romp around on the play area, climb on the tractor and stop for fun photo opts.

Address: 2912 Paradise Valley Road, Cleveland, GA 30528

*A special thanks to the North Georgia Zoo for inviting us to come out*