Make road trips fun by having special snacks, games and toys that are fun and memorable.

1. Snack Pack: My kids love these craft boxes turned into mega snack packs. I love the idea of filling the box full of tasty treats and letting them control when and what they munch on. This is especially helpful if you’re driving solo and can’t rummage through a container every five minutes.

2. Prizes: Wrap special presents a head of time to give your kiddos through out the trip. You can have them open one present each day for week long vacations or one every hour for long road trips or maybe even open one every time you drive through a new state? Presents should be small, inexpensive and entertaining. For this trip I had fun sticking to the train theme. Since this is our train extravaganza I decided to get a bunch of Thomas Minis ($1.50 Target or Walmart), glow in the dark necklace, Coloring Pad ($3 Ac Moore) and one big present a wooden railroad Thomas Train. You probably can’t tell but we used Thomas stickers to label the bags. We used the steam team numbering system #1 for Thomas, #2 Edward, #3 Henry and so on and so forth.


3. Destination Marker: Label and post a map for your kid to read and follow along the way. It will give them a visual aid for length of travel and even teach them map reading skills and geography. You can laminate the map post stickers up as you reach a destination.