Your library card, a passport to books and beyond!

Your library card is your passport to fun, your key to a world of imagination and it only starts with checking out books. The library is one of the best places to find books on any topic imaginable; but did you know that the library offers more? There are numerous reasons to visit the library; here are a few that you and your kids will love the most:

1. The library is your passport to fun! There are so many programs on the calendar year round and they’re all free! Take your children to story times, participate in activities or family fun nights. I frequent the Charles County Libraries the most. My three favorite programs hosted by the Charles County Public library are: Imaginative Play, Raising Readers and Story Time. Did you know that the library has a designated room and educational toys available during interactive play sessions called Imaginative Play. I love bringing my littles to this program so I can watch their imaginations come alive as they play with toys designed to help foster a love for learning. Raising Readers is a story time that encourages language skills and early literacy through reading books, playing games and participating in speech development activities that are fun and engaging. You have to pre-register for this program when it’s available because group sizes are limited to make the group less intimidating. Everyday of the week there is a story time available for children. From Cuddle Bunch for infants to Movers and Shakers for preschoolers the library is ready to make reading fun for all ages.

2. Beat the heat with joining the summer program. Charles County’s theme for their summer reading program this year is…Get in the game: read! I love that you can register for the program online, right from the comfort of your home. The program is easy to navigate and will be fun to participate in as you (yes you) and your kids win trophies for reaching different goals. The calendar for the summer is posted online or you can pick up a brochures at any of the branches. The summer program I’m most excited about is the Dome Theater Event; a awesome state-of-the-art mobile digital theater system that presents museum-quality shows with the latest audio and visual experience. The shows are sure to be exciting with a window to exploring dinosaurs and outer space. Tickets will be handed out up to one hour before each show, there are lots of viewing times so be sure to check the calendar for more information.

3.You can save money by checking out or enjoying free resources such as: books, movies, audiobooks, e-books, magazines, educational tools and other materials that otherwise can get expensive.

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