Usually I’m not a big bug fan but these spider crafts and activities are perfect for your little bug lover if you need creepy crawly themed lesson or if you’re planning ahead for some Halloween fun. Here are a few ideas for kids that include art, sensory play, science, literacy and even a snack.


To make this creepy yet creative spiderweb craft, you will need black or dark colored craft paper, white crayon, Elmer’s glue, table salt, watercolor paints and a paint brush. For the first step, you will want to free hand your spider web on the paper using a white crayon. Next, you will fill in the web design with glue. I found you don’t want the lines to be thin so fill in with thick lines. Don’t wait for it to dry, while the glue is still wet, cover your web with salt and gently slide off excess. For the next part you will want to wait for the glue and salt to dry. I would say it takes at least 1-2 hours. Once it is dry you are ready for the fun part!

Using a soft paint brush, blend plenty of water with some watercolor paint by adding a few drops of water to get water paint on your brush. Dab a few drops of the paint on a salt line.  Be sure to be gentle only dropping and dabbing the paint. Watch as the color melts and blends across the spider web.  Tip-  Encourage your little artist to explore what happens when you use two different colors next to one another!


My kids love the new Netflix series Emily’s Wonder Lab. In Season 1, Episode 2 – Walking on Oobleck, we learned all about this cool substance and how to make our own oobleck at home. It’s really simple and all you need is a few basic ingredients ingredients: water, cornstarch, and food coloring (optional).  Check out this video link to see a little about this awesome new show for kids and how to make this silly slimy recipe.

Now you can explore the science of non-Newtonian fluid dynamics from the comfort of your kitchen. Just start off by mixing two cups corn starch to one cup water, add more corn starch as needed until the right consistency.

From the start your little one will find that oobleck is incredibly fun to play with and will discovery the interesting properties of this odd goop. Notice that it is a solid when you punch it or touch it quickly; however, it will become a liquid when you rest your hand on it. Have them roll it into a ball and than watch as it turns into slime and melts in your hand instantly.

For the super fun save the spider rescue activity we then added little plastic spiders. I gave my kids some tools such as tweezers and hand scoops to work on fine motor skills. For clean up, do not dump down the sink because it could cause clogging. Just put in trash or compost.

SNACK- Apple Slice Spiders

These cute little creepy critters are made from apples, pretzel sticks and your choice of peanut butter, caramel or chocolate frosting. They make a perfect festival fall treat; however, are tasty whether its Halloween or not.

To make your Spider Apples Slices. Slice either red or green apples into quarter inch circles. Spread a spoon full of filling (we used homemade caramel sauce) between two apple slices. Next add 4 mini pretzel stick legs to each side of the apple. For fun you can finish it by adding decorative eyes or mouth using candy, raisins or mini chocolate chips.


This science kit is perfect for October because it focuses on all things creepy and Crawley. The outdoor science lab is earth science focused and comes with a portable lab packed with real science tools, hands-on activities, and special components that invite kids to identify, classify, measure, test, and analyze the natural world around them. My boys enjoyed capturing insects and taking a closer look through the microscope. I personally love that the kits come with activities and information booklets so I don’t have to get more than what comes in the kit. I wrote more about ways to learn with this kit, for more resources and information click on the link.


We read so many awesome books about spiders through out our week of exploring arachnids. Here are just a few, along with read along links incase you don’t have the book or time to order them.