GoldPetal Farms is truly amazing! This whimsical sunflower maze is like exploring a living labyrinth. The closest thing in comparison is a corn maze; however, image walking among  beautiful sunflowers. Goldpetal Farms, previously known as Ladybugs Alive is opening this Father’s Day weekend June 16, 2019 through July. The blooms have been planted in a interpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night this year. Join me as I take you on a sneak peek tour of southern Maryland’s sunflower maze.


When you arrive, walk down to the beautiful rustic barn to check-in. Don’t forget to use your coupon provided in this article. You will be greeted and given a map and scavenger hunt to follow on your journey through the sunflower maze. You start your adventure at the enter sign; from there you get to navigate your way through twists and turns until you make your way to the exit.

The level of difficulty is moderate to medium. The maze is a longer and slightly more challenging this year than the previous year. The design is challenging enough to provide you with inquisitive fun without being overly complicated. We got tricked a few times and of course made wrong turns here and there. But in the end, my two boys and I were able to navigate our way to the exit! Along the way you will find interesting facts to read and can complete scavenger hunt . You are sure to find lady bugs, butterflies and more hidden in the maze.

The nice thing about the maze is that it is broken up into three sections.  After section one there is a little rest spot where you can sit under a shaded tree and quench your thirst. After a refreshing break you can either re-enter the maze and make your way to the exit or you can walk back down the dirt path to the beginning. If you make it through section one and wish to continue you can reenter the maze. Same goes for when you reach the end of section two; you have the chose to continue your adventure or call it a day and head back to the barn.

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I was impressed by all the extra activities available to do with the price of admission.


Bring your camera or phone to capture fun photo opportunities! The local artist who painted the backdrop did a beautiful job.

It was pure genius that they made a life sized memory game.


We got to play a few round of good old fashioned corn hole.

I really enjoyed exploring the butterfly garden. The flowers are at their peak bloom and are more beautiful than ever. This year there is also one acre of pick your own flowers available to guests.

Every year they add something new! Last year there was a bee exhibit with a real bee hive. Check their Facebook page, there may be live demonstrations on particular days.




  • Avoid wearing open toed shoes, tennis shoes are the best for keeping your feet from getting too dusty.
  • I also recommend wearing a sun hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • The best time of the day to go is in the evening around 6 PM. This is for a few reasons. One reason is that it’s cooler in temperature. Another reason is there are actually less bugs. The biggest reason is that watching the sun set under the sunflowers is breath taking!
  • Use the 20% coupon that Goldpetal Farms partnered with The Playful Parent to provide.
  • Come on the night of June 26, 2019 The Playful Parent will be hosting a family fun night on that date!
  • If you are worried about going because of bees and bugs and such..don’t be! Based on my experience, they will not bother you. The ones we could see stayed way up high in the tops of the flowers.
  • Peek season this year should be the last week of June this year. With the lack of rain there is the chance the flowers might dry out early so follow their page to stay up to date on the status of the flowers.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Goldpetal Farms is Southern Maryland’s ONLY living maze. They also design, plant and manage TWO unique mazes, providing about six weeks of beauty, nature and family fun. The main maze is in Chaptico and the second maze is in Morganza, Maryland.

Always keep in mind that Mother Nature guides the season! This year the maze opens mid June and should  be open through parts of July. This year there will be the chance to pick sunflowers and companion flowers.


Address: 37260 Manor Rd, Chaptico, Maryland

Phone: (240) 925-4415


Pricing: Kids ages 6 and under FREE/Ages 7 and up $10/ Military $9/ Group 10 or more $8

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM



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***Update: The winner is Dawn Gusky***

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