I have been working diligently on preparing a new calendar to publish for 2018. I spent a great deal of time and a little bit of money to provide a calendar that is more user-friendly. I hope that the daily calendar on the home page side bar helps with planning. I believe the new version will be much more user-friendly and easier to view on tablets and mobile devices. You can click on events to access more information. You can also use the arrows to scroll to other dates. Check out the daily calendar by visiting the HOME PAGE.

The new calendar can be viewed in month, week and day settings to help with planning family activities. I’m still working on few hiccups for mobile devices but it is working a lot better than the old calendar. The monthly calendar is color coded by categories and I can now link images and maps which is way cool.  The monthly calendar setting is best viewed on computer or tablet. You can set the view to weekly or daily when on your phone for better visiblity…Check it out the  Playful Parent Calendar.

Thank you for your patience and for following The Playful Parent. I appreciate you support and for using the site to navigate resources for your family.