If you have small children, or cats, your tree probably looks like ours and has nothing on the bottom half.  Here are ornaments that are kid friendly, for that bottom half, and break resistant, for those persistent cats.

Ornament 2: ‘Stuff’ Bulb



Plastic ornament

Filling – pom-poms, paper, beads, etc.



  1. Take the top off the plastic ornament.


  1. Place items inside.


  1. Place top back on.


This one is clearly very simple but still a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn through play.  We sorted our pom-poms by color and made stripes. With the wadded up tissue paper we worked on counting, putting in 10 red then 10 white.  Some other ideas for filling are curled paper, fabric scraps, wrapping paper strips, ribbon, beads, bells, or anything else you can fit in the opening.