Looking to spruce up a room before holiday guests arrive? Looking for a unique gift idea that your little one can help make for all those family and friends out there that is both quick and easy? Then here is a craft for you!



  • Canvas
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Masking tape
  • Paper plate


1) Start by taking your blank canvas and laying strips of tape across to make abstract shapes.  You can choose to lay the strands out in a set pattern or have your little one point to where they want the ends to connect.

20170705_175649 (Tip: You can cut your tape into thinner strips to have a variety of different widths throughout your painting.)

2) Have your little one select the different colors to be used in your painting. Use the paper plate as a palette to make it easier to get to the paint.

3) Before handing over the brush, paint along the edges of the tape to seal it in place so that as your little one fills in the blank space the excess paint will not bleed under the tape.


4) Let your little one paint the blank spaces with the chosen paints.  Again, you can set a predetermined order to your color selections in the spaces or let your little one choose at random.

5) Apply a second coat of paint, if needed.  Remember that every brush stroke is unique and will make the painting truly original, so try to resist the urge to “fix” anything your little one does with their painting.

6) Allow the painting to dry for one hour – longer if your little one paints very heavy-handed.

7) Carefully remove the tape.

8) Have your little one sign their artwork and be prepared to say you knew them when…