You can do so many different things to make your tutu unique. Mine is Cheshire Cat inspired so I’m using 4 colors to make a pattern. You can use all one color, stack multiple colors together, or create a pattern like this one to make a one of a kind tutu for your little one (or yourself).



  • 6″ rolls of tulle (this one used 4, one of each color but you may use less depending on fullness, length and pattern)
  • 1/2 inch sturdy elastic
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure (Optional)
  • Cardboard (Optional)



  1. To determine length, you can use a tape measure to measure from waist to desired length. If you don’t have a tape measure you can guess, use an article of clothing as a gauge, or use your elastic like a tape measure to get the approximate length. (Remember: Your tutu will poof out more than it will fall down, regarding length.)


  1. To determine the elastic length for the waist, simply wrap the elastic around your little ones waist. Add an inch and cut. Then tie the ends of your elastic together with a square knot, this should make it smaller than their waist which allows for it to stretch holding in place.
  1. Now it’s time to cut your tulle. You will need to cut it twice as long as you length measurement. I like to find a table or other object about the length I need to wrap the tulle around. You can also cut a piece of cardboard to your desire length. Our dinner table worked perfectly for our length. I wrapped the whole spool around it and then cut across the side I started at. Do this with all your colors.
  1. Take 3 layers of tulle (you can use more for a fuller tutu) and lay them on top of each other then fold them all in half.  Take the folded middle part and slide it under the elastic about an inch.  Now take the tails of the tulle and pull them over the elastic and through the loop. Gently tighten to form a knot. Be careful to not over tighten your knot as it will stretch out the elastic. Repeat until your elastic is full.
  1. Lastly, it’s time to fluff your tutu. Simply go through each layer and pull the tulle to separate until you reach your desired level of fluff.
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