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The Lancaster DoubleTree Resort has been Playful Parent tested and approved! Here are the top three reasons we choose this awesome hotel when visiting Lancaster County.


a dt cookies

What I love about the DoubleTree is that it feels like your home away from home. The staff are friendly and accommodating. We have stayed at the hotel a number of times. One thing I noticed is that they are willing to go above and beyond to make families comfortable. For an example, when traveling with friends they made sure we were close to each other even though the hotel was booked. It may sound silly but one of things we look most forward to are the fresh baked cookies. When you check in you are welcomed with a friendly smile and warm chocolate chip cookies. There’s something comforting about fresh baked cookies that make you feel right at home.


a dt water park

My kids love staying at this hotel because of the awesome indoor pool, it’s like staying at a hotel with a water park. There are two pools in the spa area; one large lap pool and then a children’s pool with a no drop entry. There is a larger slide for children over 46 inches and than a smaller frog slide for the little ones. There are also fun water features such as buckets of water that pour over your head, rainbow fountain and splash area. A life guard is always on duty so its a great way to have safe fun.

There are changing rooms in the fitness center which are very convenient. There is also an Arcade and outdoor play ground. In addition the hotel offers scheduled activities like family movie night and crafts for kids. Double Tree is dedicated to making sure your vacation is entertaining. The best part is all the extras are included with your hotel stay.


a- dt luxurious room

The rooms are spacious and have everything you need from comfortable beds to mini fridge. The rooms are modern, classy and comfy. Housekeeping and customer service are first class; our room is always kept spotless. The views out the window are also spectacular.


DoubleTree Resort Lancaster

Address: 2400 Willow Street Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602

  • If you get anything from this article…do not forget your bathing suits!
  • Little ones are welcome to wear water safety gear, we always bring their puddle jumpers.
  • Check the schedule when you arrive so you know what extra activities are available during your stay.
  • A huge perk is that the hotel is centrally located to great restaurants and attractions. We stay at this hotel when visiting Steam Into History, Hershey Park, Strasburg Railroad and more. Our favorite restaurant in the area is The Speckled Hen!

a dt cart

***Thank you DoubelTree Resort for inviting us to stay at your hotel! All information provided in this article is my own non-biased opinion. The Playful Parent was not paid to write this article; this vacationing guide was created to help families plan trips that promote learning through play and family bonding.***


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  1. Next time we are in PA we are staying here! Awesome indoor pool, the slides look like sooo much fun!!!

  2. thehouseturnedhome

    June 30, 2017 at 8:53 am

    You had me completely sold on the Double Tree Resort the second that I saw the indoor water park. It looks so fun for kids and adults! I love that they have a mini fridge in the rooms. That’s a must for me when I’m traveling.

  3. Great post! It looks like you guys had such a brilliant time! Not going to lie, that water park looks like it could be just as fun for the grown ups too haha Rx

  4. The Lancaster DoubleTree Resort looks like an amazing place to stay with a family. My kiddos would definitely love that pool area!

  5. What an amazing sounding place to stay, the resort looks beautiful, the rooms so comfy, the water park amazing fun and the cookies delicious! I would definitely love to visit myself.

  6. To be honest, the swimming pool would be enough to keep me there for the weekend! sounds so much fun! and so perfect for kids! xx corinne

  7. Those cookies get me every time! Seriously, those alone is a reason to stay there!

  8. This does look like an amazing place to stay. My kids would love the indoor water park.

  9. confettiandbliss

    July 1, 2017 at 12:41 am

    What a lovely and family-friendly resort! I’ll be staying at a DoubleTree property in Minneapolis next month. I hope the rooms are as comfortable as the one you stayed in. I’m looking forward to enjoying one of their famous chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

  10. A hotel that offers you warm cookies upon check-in? That sounds amazing! I remember as a child staying at hotels with cool indoor pools. It was always very exciting!

  11. The Lancaster DoubleTree Resort looks like a fantastic place to stay with the kids. We love to be in the water. I know the water slides would be a big hit.

  12. I looove DoubleTree! It’s by far one of my favorite places to stay! The pool is super nice PLUS the cookies! Who doesn’t love cookies, right?

  13. It’s amazing how you start to look for places that are kid-friendly the moment you have them. I like that they have a nice indoor pool.

  14. Wow this is amazing place to stay I need to check it out I need to travel soon look perfect family holidays

  15. It’s fun to be a kid these days. A lot of cool play places to visit.

  16. As soon as I saw your title I thought to myself ‘ohhhh I wonder if the one they stayed at had those yummy cookies?!!’ lol it’s seriously the little things that make all the difference! But I’m a little jealous that the one I stayed at didn’t have a water park!!

  17. You got me at the sight of those oh so wonderful indoor pool area! I hope we get a chance to stay there, my daughter would fall head over heels for the waterpark too!

  18. That indoor with activity pool is surely a nice idea of the resort. I am sure parents will definitely love this place for their kids.

  19. The only reason I ever need to stay at a DoubleTree is those cookies! And a waterpark too?! So cool!

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