Today’s Homemade Monday edition is in honor of Father’s Day.
Fabric Markers
You can get a plain t-shirt from most craft stores for just a few dollars. Most shirts come pre-shrunk these days; if it’s not you will need to wash it first.
1. Start by placing the cardboard between the layers of the shirt to prevent bleeding through. Fold your shirt around the board and secure in place with tape. You will want the fabric to be as taut as possible.
2. Next tape out your drawing space. Our cardboard was the perfect width so I only taped the top and bottom but you may want to tape all sides. You can also tape off a design inside, which is especially great for those younger scribblers. Some ideas to try:
  • Tape off a rectangle with a stripe through the center vertically and horizontally. When they scribble lines through the space it will look like branches in a window or more advanced artists will have four panels to draw in.
  • Tape off DAD in the center; after they scribble on the shirt remove the tape it will read DAD in the void. You may also want to trace around the letters to make sure it’s legible when done.
3. Let your artist go to work. They may need help holding the fabric in place or keeping it
smooth enough to draw in if they push down hard.
4. Let your shirt dry and remove the tape. Follow the directions for your fabric markers on how to set the markers, in most cases it will require it to dry a day or two however some may require an iron to heat set.
CloseUp (1).jpg
5. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow your markers directions for laundering to keep it looking its best.
***Thank you Heather L. for taking the time to write this article.***