Location: Charles County

Pisgah Park is one of Charles County’s best kept secrets! In addition to the standard baseball fields, restroom facilities, picnic area and playground that most parks have; Pisgah Park also has four unique and fun nature themed play areas spaced out along a .75 mile paved walking trail. This setup stimulates imagination, encourages learning and fosters play unlike any other park in the county. It is an ideal setup for family walks or for the busy parent who would like to squeeze in a workout while still spending time with the kids.

As you walk along the path you can stop at different workout stations for adults placed conveniently next to the play areas. The equipment is diverse in that you will get a complete workout from head to toe.

The first play area is an awesome arachnid theme! We noticed right away the informative sign that has interesting facts about spiders. There are two pieces of equipment that feature an adventure playground setup designed for children ages 5-12. These two unique structures include a spider web shaped climbing net and spider shaped monkey bars made of rope.

The next play area on the path is Bee themed, complete with apiary honey combs for climbing and hiding in, bumble bee statue and flower speaking tube/telephone. We enjoyed the facts sign at this area very much. My boys found it really silly that bees communicate by dancing. This section was perfect for kids ages 2 to 5.

The third play area we came to is called Pond Life and features a fish shaped climbing obstacle, spinning turtle and dragon fly seesaw. The facts at this section had a lot of information that pertain to the Southern Maryland area. The equipment in this section was great for all ages 2 and up.

The last play area is probably my favorite. This section features equipment and information that explains the butterfly life cycle. There is a caterpillar tunnel, cocoon spinner and butterfly  climber. The equipment in this section has a diverse age range and is great for ages 2 and up as well.


Things to keep in mind: The playground equipment is not shaded. Make sure you wear sunscreen and stay hydrated on hot days. The park is a tad off the beaten path and is located a little over ten miles from downtown LaPlata.

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