The popular film comes to life on stage as Thomas Stone High School performs Shrek: The Musical this weekend. On Wednesday, I was invited to a sneak peek look at Shrek: the Musical and I am excited to share with you details about this fun and humorous show.


March 30 @ 7PM

March 31 @ 7PM

April 1 @ 7PM

ALL Tickets – $5
Children under 4 – FREE

Performance at Thomas Stone High School in the auditorium




Shrek The Musical is based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film; bringing your favorite and beloved characters from the movie to life on stage.  The tale begins with a green Ogre Shrek whose precious solitude is suddenly disrupted by an invasion of annoying fairytale creatures. After finding out they’ve been casted out by the cunning Lord Farquaad, our unlikely hero sets out with his new side kick Donkey to reclaim his land. In a desperate attempt to get his swamp back he agrees with Farquaad on a deal to rescue Princess Fiona. In order to rescue the fair maiden; Shrek has to get past the fire-breathing dragon that guards the tower.

Our hero saves the beautiful princess and embarks on their journey to bring Fiona to Farquaad. Along the way the Shrek and Fiona start to fall for each other; however, Fiona lets a hidden secret get in the way. In the end love prevails and Fiona finds her true colors through true loves kiss.


This was my first time seeing Shrek: The Musical on stage. This show is one of the most humorous shows I have ever seen. I love the character development; the actors really have fun with their parts and keep the audience entertained. I was impressed with the costumes and found it really impressive that the students made many of the costume pieces. One of my favorite costumes was the dragons. Wait until you see the vibrant costume with full mask.  The thing I like most about the show is the message. The musical takes the original message of not judging a book by its cover and builds upon it. The moral of the story is really brought out in the song, “Let Your Freak Flag Fly.” The song highlights that being different isn’t something to hide or be ashamed of; our unique qualities are something to be proud of. This show seemed to be perfect for audiences of all ages but really great for eight and up; especially since it really drives home the importance of loving yourself for who you are.



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