McDonough High School presents- Seussical

March 30, 31 & April 1, 2017 at 6:30 PM

April 1, 2017 at 2:00 PM

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Surprise, surprise… Seussical is a musical based off the beloved books by Dr. Seuss. The tale unfolds as you step in the world of Seuss and meet the beloved elephant from Horton Hears a Who. Horton is bathing in the Jungle of Nool when he suddenly hears a small voice calling for help from a speck of dust. He discovers a young who JoJo and the other Whos from the city of Whoville that are living in serious danger of the wind blowing them away. The honorable Horton vows to protect them. Sadly his jungle neighbors accuse him of hearing things that aren’t there and think he’s crazy. The jungle neighbors try to pull the dust speck from Horton and the dust speck ends up lost in a field of clover.

His unnoticed and shy neighbor Gertrude wants to help Horton but he is distracted and doesn’t notice her. She wants to be as glamorous as Mayzie LaBird so that she can be beautiful and noticed by Horton. Mayzie convinces Gertrude to see Dr. Dake who helps her grow more tail feathers. Having promised to keep Whoville from harm, Horton ventures off to find the dust speck and save the Whoville.  While searching he comes across Mayzie sitting on her egg; she convinces Horton to sit on her egg while she takes a quick and much needed break. She promises to return quickly; however, doesn’t come back. Sweet and faithful Horton does his best to protect the egg. Hunters come and steal Horton, the egg, nest and tree off to the circus. You’ll never guess but who should appear at the circus….lazy Mayzie! Mayzie  grants Horton custody of her egg and runs off again.

Gertrude recognizes that she doesn’t need her lavish feathers and has them removed. She comes to Horton’s rescue at the circus and has the best surprise ever: she searched high and low and found the clover with Whoville on it! Unfortunately, his other neighbors from Nool don’t believe in Horton on want him put on trial to go to the loony bin. Little JoJo uses his THINK to let out a big “YOPP” for all to hear and save the day. The citizens of Nool all agree that they could hear the small voice and were happy to finally help take care of Whoville with Horton. The egg hatches and it’s a half elephant, half bird! Horton and Gertrude join together to raise the baby so he will know both earth and sky. What a happy ending!


You can tell that Mcdonough Drama club has been putting in a lot of hours and extra hard work to make this show amazing. From vocals to costumes and set design to choreography you are sure to be entertained by this upbeat and energetic performance. I have seen this show once before at The Children’s Theater of Annapolis and loved it! Naturally I was thrilled to see a local high school performing it this season. This show is great for children ages five and up; however, I’m sure younger ones would enjoy it too. Kids will be excited right away when they see the elaborate and colorful set that even has a slide!