I want to thank everyone who came out to the Ozobot (STEM) Party this week. The Ozobot’s were a lot of fun to play with. For those not familiar with Ozobots, they are small, yet smart and social robots that teach the creative side of coding. Ozobots teach coding with color, making the process simple and fun for the future artists and engineers.

As an artist myself and my husband in the Science and Technology field we were both geeking out about this opportunity to host an Ozobot Party. We spent a lot of time playing with Evo so that we could teach all our guests how to use it. We also did a test run with our two boys. Despite the toy is recommended for children ages 6 and over; our four year and even two year old had a blast playing with the Ozobots.

I love that this robot is easy to use and introduces computation thinking in a fun and easy way. Ozobot has as downloadable aps on Android and iOS tablets and smart phones. With the aps can you control your robot and play a variety of games.

All in attendance at the party got to try out the Ozobot Evo through three fun games:

Code with Colors- Where Evo uses optical sensors to read lines and color commands that you draw on paper. For this fun activity just pull out the markers that come with your kit and unleash your inner artist. Use Evo’s universal color language chart to make the bot follow instructions such as; speed up, pause or spin.

OzoLaunch- A slingshot-style game for one or more players. With this game you color in four different circles than tape them down. You than use your ap to move the robot and launch towards targets. The person land on their targets in the fewest amount of tries wins.

OzoBlockly- Is a web editor where you drag and drop blocks of code to program Evo. You simply create commands by selecting blocks of code; next you install the commands and then watch your Ozobot go.


The Ozobot is very easy to setup and use. I was worried about having too many kids at the party with only three Ozobots; however, many of the games were great for team building. Features of the Ozobot that are cool include:

  • Proximity Sensing
  • Color and Line Detection
  • App-Enabled Capability
  • Remote Control mode
  • Expressive sounds
  • LED lights
  • Introductory to advanced programming
  • Bluetooth-Enabled
  • Battery life last for about 60+ Minute Playtime
  • Compatible with adorable Marvel’s Avengers Protective Covers (sold separately)

Draw Backs

The party was the first time having more than one robot turned on in a tiny space. Occasionally different devices would pick up a robot creating some problems with having multiple bots on at one time. We were able to work around it; however, it did take some time to find solutions.


Winners even got to go home with an Ozobot pack that included:

  • 1 Ozobot Evo–the smart, small and social robot
  • 4 Markers–color-coding markers to control Evo
  • Playfield–interactive Evo game board
  • OzoSkin–aerodynamic, deluxe skin to protect Evo
  • Carrying Pouch–soft case for taking Evo on-the-go
  • USB Charging Cable–USB micro cable for easy charging
  • Ozobot Evo App–iOS and Android compatible app (free download)

If you would like to learn more visit:


When shopping on Amazon use the code Evo30off to save 30%.