Chick-fil-a saves the day with a clean, safe and fun place for kids to play. I’m a huge fan of Chick-fil-a, especial because of their investment in the health and development of children. From healthy menu options to indoor play place and community fundraising to frequent kids nights, you can tell they value families.

Chick-fil-a always goes above and beyond to make sure our experience with every visit is positive. A great example would be that I always have my hands full and they always notice by doing little things like opening the door or bringing the tray to the table for me. Always with a smile and sincerely greeting of “my pleasure.”

Just when I thought they had done everything possible in their power to make the La Plata Chick-fil-a great, they went one step further and refreshed the play area!

With a refresh it means that the area has been refurbished so that it functions as if brand new. The main things I noticed were new carpeting and major deep cleaning of previous equipment for upkeep and cleanliness. Another big thing I noticed is that the Toddler Town activities have been replaced! The activities are engaging, fun and age appropriate for littles! The last thing I wanted to point out is that the netting, safety padding and stairs have been rredone along with a caution sign put up adriving not to climb on the outside of the playground equipment.

The play area is bright and colorful and sparkly clean! Thank you Chick-fil-a for taking such pride and passion in making sure our children have a safe and fun place to play!