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Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center at the National Harbor is set to host Katsucon, a three-day anime convention this Presidents Day weekend.  My husband and I have attended a few conventions (Cons) and often debate when we want our little geeks to join us. We definitely value the importance of family friendly fun and try to keep things age appropriate. This year Katsucon is offering a variety of different seminars, workshops and activities for kids.  Katsucon is known for being one of the most family friendly conventions on the east coast. Many fans in attendance enjoy dressing up in fun and elaborate costumes.


Many parents are asking what age range Katsucon is best for. First and for most, it comes down to knowing your child and what best for them. Ages 10 and up seems to be the most ideal age. This age group is at a point where they have a higher attention span and can enjoy different panels, workshops and activities. They are at an age where they will want to walk around with you to learn and explore the con. The convention can be a sensory overload as it is very noisy and crowded. Guests who come in costume aren’t always dressed in kid friendly ways; some outfits can be scary or not in best taste for modesty.  Also,  if your child chooses to dress up be prepared for people to ask to take their picture. Photo shoots are a common practice at cons.


The following is a list of the different events on the schedule for kids:

25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog

Pokemon Game Show

Chibi Karaoke Sing Along

Cinderella Story Time

Wild Pokemon Portraits

Katsu-Con Gym Challenge

Learn French with Miraculous

Glitter Force Panel

Make Your Own Kandi Bracelet

Mold Making and Materials

Pix-elated Fun With Fuse Beads

Pokemon Meet & Greet

Pokemon Yoga

Sports Anime Through the Ages

Stump the Poke Professor

The Love Story of Cardcaptor Sakura

The Magical Girl Game Show

To learn more about the different activities visit:


Date: February 17-19, 2017

Time: All Weekend Location:

National Harbor, Gay Lord Convention Center

Cost: Kids under age 8 FREE, $40 (8-12), $60 Adults

Registration: Buy passes online