Wow! Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching! If you are hosting a super bowl party for fans of all ages, you are sure to want to keep your littlest spectator from getting bored. In order to avoid whining and go straight to winning, check out these ideas for crafts, games and food.


  1. Gear up in game day style– Encourage your kids to dress up for their favorite team. For Superbowl 2017 the  Atlanta Falcons (red and black) are playing the Patriots (red, blue and silver). You could also break out the face paints and have fun decking out from head to toe.
  2. Get into the Spirit-We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit how about you?! Have your kids help decorate the house. Get the pep rally started with homemade signs or team flags made out of construction paper and coloring supplies.




  1. Paper Pom-Poms: Cut strips of paper, ribbon or streamer; stack them so they line up and then staple together at one end. Next, tape the stapled end to a Popsicle stick. You can cover the handles with colored paper or colored duct tape if you have it.
  2. Coloring Pages for the win: There are a bunch of free coloring pages you can download and print all over the internet. These NFL pages are great:
  3. Flick football: Host an origami flick football Super Bowl game! Check out this sit for super easy instructions and game rules:
  4. Team BINGO- Kids can lose interest during the game; keep them engage in a simple game, like football bingo. Printable BINGO sheets available here:
  5. Pass the Football – First, invite all the kids to sit or stand in a circle and start playing music. When the music is on have them pass the football around the circle; when the music comes to a stop, the player holding the football benched.  Keep passing until there is a champion.
  6. Find the Football – Before the guests arrive set up a small scavenger hunt. Hide mini footballs or team logos around the house. Then send the kiddos on their way to see who can find the most pieces.


  1. Dance Competition: While performs take the stage encourage your little rock starts to have a dance off!
  2. Sundaes on Sunday: Half time is the perfect time to take a snack break. Dish up some ice cream in bowls and have a build your own sundae station with toppings.


  1. Festive finger foods- There are so many awesome ideas on pinterest. If you are trying to narrow it down to fun kid Friendly recipes than check out this awesome site: My favorite are ideas are the mini brownies and pizza pockets shaped like foot balls.
  1. Pizza Party- If you don’t have time to make a meal, than pizza is always a classic. Whether you plan to order from your local pizzaria chain restaurants, place your order early in the day so it arrives in good time. If you wait too long, you may have to toss a coin to figure out which unlucky party-goer has to hop in their car and go pick up the game day grub.