Whether you are two years old or in your mid-thirties; there’s one thing that is for certain you’re never too old to go to the circus. Tonight, my two boys experienced their first trip to the circus. It was such a fun adventure. Here are a few reasons for why the circus will never stop amazing you, regardless of your age.

The animals are wild and majestic; meeting an elephant or camel up close is truly amazing. Watching the performers riding on top of or dancing alongside enormous elephants and graceful camels is captivating! It amazes me how smart the animals are as they perform tricks like walking on their hind feet or raising one foot in the air. Stuff some people can’t even get their dogs to do.

I’m always awestruck by the performs… they are fearless and do some of the coolest tricks that’d I’d never in my wildest dreams thought possible! I think my favorite act was watching the acrobat perform on aerial silks. My youngest son enjoyed the daredevil motorcycle act; while my oldest son was entertained by the humorous clown act.


-Purchase tickets ahead of time online. Garden Brothers usually hosts a $9-10 early bird special for adult tickets. The school and local businesses hand out tickets for one free child ticket with purchase of adult. You can save a lot of money by planning ahead. Purchasing tickets day of at the box office can cost over $20 per person.

-If your family wishes to take part in concession and extra activities be sure to bring plenty of cash. While there is an ATM on site; there is a high usage fee. $4.99 on the day we went.

-There are a lot of extras so be prepared to tell your kids no or be prepared to spend money. There are kid activities that cost 1-2 tickets with tickets costing $6 each. Activities include fun things like; face painting, moon bounce, pony rides, camel rides and elephant rides and train ride at some locations. There are a lot of glow sticks and toys for sale. Concessions are also available and include traditional foods like: cotton candy, funnel cake, popcorn and even something new like slushies. The slushies were pretty cool because they came in a souvenir glow cups ($10 a piece.)

-It can get pretty crowded; so I’d say forgo the stroller. Use a baby carrier for transporting baby.