If your little prince or princess loves all things Disney, than you won’t want to miss seeing this year’s Disney on Ice presents Follow Your Heart. Our whole family was so excited about going to the show. We spent all week preparing… We bought matching Mickey shirts, ate pancakes shaped like tiaras and snowflakes, made Disney crafts and even had a movie marathon leading up to the big day.

This was our first Disney on Ice show so we had no clue what to expect! When we arrived to the Eagle Bank Arena we were enamored by all the excitement of seeing little ones dressed up like characters, vendors selling the coolest toys ever seen and themed treats that made our mouths water. We took time to walk around and explore the different vendors and soak in the excitement.

When we got to our seats we were delightfully surprised with how close our seats were to the ice. The way the stage is set up though every seat has excellent views no matter what level or section you are in. Before the show started entertainers came out on to the ice and started throwing boomerangs around. This kept the boys attention until the show started and was a lot of fun to watch. As the lights dimmed, the music came on and characters began pouring out onto the ice is when the magic hits you. Nothing is more magical than watching your little ones eyes light up as they see their favorite characters come alive on ice. My usual energetic on the go boys were captivated right from the start and sat mesmerized during the whole show.

The show starts off with the classic Disney characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy in a fun and energetic pep rally scene, as they cheer on Riley. I was amazed with how the whole first act was tied to Riley and the emotions from Inside Out. The emotions looked to the princess’s inner strengths of kindness, hard work, bravery, courage, curiosity and perseverance to encourage Riley. Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Merida, Mulan, Jasmine, Tiara and Rapunzel all make a special appearance.

The choreography is captivating with its romantic and breath taking scenes as well as exciting and entertaining group numbers. The costumes are elegant and beautiful. However, I was even more taken aback by all the movable sets, special effects and unique props to keep the audience entertained. From the changing colors and patterns of lights on the ice to pyrotechnics, you are sure to be left awestruck. Some of my favorite moments were when; Ariel was lifted 35 feet above the ice in a stunning aerial act, watching snowflakes fall around me like I was in a giant snow globe and almost jumping out of my seat when Merida’s arrow shot across the stage.

Next came a twenty minute intermission break, which offered a great chance to get up and stretch your legs, use the facilities and even get a snack from concessions or souvenir.

Act two starts back up with a retelling of this summer’s hit, Finding Dory. Some of the coolest characters made an appearance: dancing glow in the dark jelly fish, a towering Hank the septopus and Mr. Ray a giant sting ray that looks like he is floating on ice! In the next scene, everyone is encouraged to get up out of their seats and dance along with Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and many of the toys from the “Toy Story” movies in a fun hoe-down. The show ends with being whisked away into the wintery world with Frozen. I don’t want to ruin all the surprises but be sure to pay attention to costumes that light up, the snow flake on the ceiling and colorful designs on the ice rink and center screen.

Tips and Tricks:

Parking at Eagle Bank Arena was easy to access and free! For this reason I highly recommend seeing the show in Fairfax if you can. After getting out of the parking lot; it took our family about an hour to drive from Fairfax to Waldorf.

If you can make a day out of the event; I suggest heading up to Fair Oak Mall before the show to play at the cool indoor play area and eating at the Cheesecake Factory. We got an early dinner at 4pm on a Wednesday so we had no problems with waiting for a table.

Be prepared to see some of the coolest merchandise ever! Everyone, especially the wee little ones will feel like a kid in a candy store.  To keep things from getting out of hand; set some ground rules before you go so everyone is on the same page. There are souvenir stands vendors set up around the concession area. However, if your hands are already full but you want snacks or fun glow wands don’t worry vendors will be walking around the arena to bring it directly to your seat.

There is a 20 minute intermission halfway through the show, so keep that in mind for potty breaks.

As far as food goes, buy it before the show and refill during intermission for the best value.

The noise level was surprisingly perfect. Sometimes shows acoustics can be set too high. However, the volume of the music during the show was just right.  My four year old didn’t have his hands over his ears, which is a good barometer.

There were tons of kids dressed up in Disney costumes; which is a lot of fun!

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*** My family received complimentary tickets to the show for review purposes. No other compensation was given, all opinions are my own.***