One thing my kids love more than anything else is jello. They get super excited about jello that looks like their favorite things such as trains, dinosaurs and Legos. I bought these adorable Lego molds to make lego jello jigglers. To be honest it took some experimenting to get the jello to set right and come out perfect. The first time around I followed the steps for jigglers based on the box instructions. However, I found them to get stuck in the mold and were hard to get out. What worked for me was a modified recipe: 1 cup boiling water, one packet of jello flavored gelatin, and one packet Knox unflavored gelatin. Using a pour bottle is less messy than pouring from the mixing bowl. Next you want to make sure you let it set for a long time; at least three hours. The last step is to flip them out by pushing the mold inside out. And wa la perfect Lego jigglers….My boys were excited about them!

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I scored this product with five stars because it gets the job done efficiently and they are super cute. I like the molds and will use them frequently to make fun snacks for my kiddos. This is an honest and non bias review. I enjoy sharing my experiences with purchased and gratis products so that others can feel comfortable shopping on line. I was not obligated by the seller to give a positive rating. This is 100% my personal experience with the product.