I ordered this nail file by Baby Bear for my two small boys who are always on the go. They move around so much, that I fear I will nick a little finger when using clippers. Which I’m embarrassed to admit have done before ….on a rare occasion of course. My three year old has been telling me “mommy you’re hurting me” when I trim his nails; even when I stay miles away from the cuticle. I felt awful and knew I had to find something that would work efficiently and be comfortable to him.

From the moment I opened the package I began falling in love with Baby Bear. The packing of the product alone indicated that the company pays attention to detail. The file and carrying case came in a long white box lined with cotton padding. Additionally, a cute satisfactory card with warranty information was placed with the product.

When it came to testing the product it passed all the tests. Both my one year old and three year old sat patiently to be groomed and didn’t complain once. It is the perfect size to fit around little fingers. I was impressed that the file is made out of Bohemian glass and crystal. Which is very sturdy and makes it nearly impossible to crack or break. It’s soft and gentle and will not irritate the skin like a sandpaper Emory board. The file is great for shaping the nail with leaving it rough or splitting. The best part is the material doesn’t absorb bacteria, germs or rust.

This product is sure to make any mom whether new or veteran feel stress-free about keeping their little ones nails trim. I give this product five stars and will be buying this as shower gifts. It is definitely my new tricks of the trade item.


This is an honest and non bias review. I enjoy sharing my experiences with purchased and gratis products so that others can feel comfortable shopping on line.