I have to admit I am a bit of a tea snob! My favorite way to steep tea is the old fashioned English way, referred to as the two tea pot method. Just as it sounds, it requires more effort and longer clean up process since it requires multiple tea pots. My second choice is to use a tea infuser. I purchased these infusers for a tea party so I could steep a variety of teas in different tea pots. This set came with three infusers; two classic basket style infusers best for teapots and one heart shaped designed for individual cup. I was impressed with the quality of the basket style Infuser. It is convenient that it has a sturdy chain the you can hook on to the the side of the pot for ease of pulling the Infuser out after steeping. The holes are a good size which helps the tea to expand as it steeps while at the same time keeps bits of loose tea from escaping. The heart shaped individual infuser seemed a tad loose in the hinges at first however it seemed this way only to allow it to open and close radially. It clasped nicely and was secure while steeping. If you are used to using a bag method for brewing tea you will need to take lit that a small amount of loose tea particles can be found at the bottom of your cup, this is standard and nothing to be alarmed by. These particular Infusers I found to have a average to low loose tea bits left over in the cup.

For most effective brewing follow these steps: Measure the correct amount of loosetea into the infuser for the number of cups you’re making. This information can be found on the canister that holds the tea. Open your basket infuser by gently twisting the lid open. The heart Infuser has a clasp to release and open. Spoon loose leafs in and close. For the optimal steep, you should pre-warm your cup or pot to keep the water temperature even as the tea brews. To do this, simply fill it with hot tap water and let it sit while the water for the tea is boiling. Make sure to check what temperature water to use for the type of tea you’re steeping to extract the most flavor and avoid a bitter flavor. Next, place the filled infuser in the pot or cup. Pour the hot water into the cup or pot and allow the loose tea to steep. White teas and green teas usually need about three minutes while black tea require three to five. Check for the correct steeping time and test the tea to make sure you like the way it tastes before drinking. Be careful when you pull it out as it will be hot. I recommend doing this by the sink or have a plate to put the infuser on after pulling out. Enjoy the fine aroma and decedent flavor of your tea!

I have read that these are dish washer safe which is convenient. However, many people don’t know that proper washing of tea utensils should never be done with soap! Simply use hot water and distilled vinegar to clean pots, tea cups and utensils. Soap can leave a build up and even change the flavor.

Product Info:

Autoark AH-007 Extra Fine Loose Leaf Tea Infuser (Set of 2) with Tea and Heart Tea Infuser / Stainless Steel Filter with Extended


I enjoyed this product and recommend it with five stars. This is an honest and non bias review. I enjoy sharing my experience of purchased and new products so that others can feel comfortable shopping on line.